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Singapore: Your Urban Island Getaway

A dream vacation awaits you in Singapore!

Just 50 years ago, Singapore was a small fishing village. Today however, it’s a modern city with a skyline filled with skyscrapers.

Singapore is an island off southern Malaysia and is now considered a global financial center. It offers a multicultural population and food that also reflects this demographic.If you are thinking of planning a trip, there are so many things to do and see that you will never stop being impressed by this bustling, urban mecca. So, let’s take a look at some of the fun and interesting things to experience in Singapore for your urban island getaway!


In Singapore, you will find Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist temples. Visiting these cultural treasures makes for a wonderful afternoon with your family. View 300 -on statues and architecture dating back several centuries. Well-known temples include Thian Hock Keng Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and Wat Ananda Metyarama Thai Buddhist Temple.

Universal Studios

Who knew there was a Universal Studios theme park in Singapore? Not only do they have Universal Studios, they also have Legoland, Adventure Cove, Wild Wet Singapore, and Haw Par Villa, among others! If you are not familiar with Haw Par Villa, it is a theme park based on the heroes and legends of Chinese mythology!


If you’re into shopping, Singapore is the place for you! Take a walk down Orchard Road which is considered the shopping hub of Singapore. If you are looking for souvenirs to bring home, try Chinatown Street Market that has just about everything Chinese that you can think of, such as artwork, clothing, food, and so much more.

Luxury Spas

Perhaps you are into a little relaxation and rejuvenation. Try visiting one of Singapore’s luxurious spas that this area is so famous for! After all, Singapore is a luxury destination like none other. Try Heavenly Spa at The Westin Singapore or the Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel. Here, you can take some precious “me” time for yourself and walk away rejuvenated.

Before you go….

Local Customs to Know

If you’ve never been to Singapore before, you might be surprised at how clean and efficient it is. This is a city that doesn’t allow chewing gum unless it is for medical or dental reasons! As in so many other Asian cultures, it’s customary to take off your shoes when entering into someone’s house.
If you have a dog, don’t bring it near people of the Muslim faith because they consider dogs to be unclean. Instead, remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times.

Finally, remember NOT to tip. In fact, tipping is sometimes considered rude. There is a 10% gratuity fee already included in your check, so there is no need to tip, unlike in the U.S.

Now that you know a little about what to expect in Singapore, are you ready for your urban island getaway?

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