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4 New Trends in Luxury Travel for 2018

The luxury market is one of the fastest growing in the travel industry. In fact, according to the latest data, it is expected that this type of tourism will generate around $ 1.15 trillion in 2,022.

The VIP customer is no longer satisfied with buying exclusive products; they’re also committed to take a vacation that’s full of unique experiences. But not just any type of experience: premium clients will look for trips, places, and activities that differentiate them from the rest of the world, even if they have to pay a lot more for it. These are the luxury travel trends you should know about in 2018.

  1. The Villas Replace the Hotels

If we talk about accommodations, the market is taking a turn and luxury customers prefer exclusive villas rather than hotels. The large hotel chains know this and have expanded to include this type of accommodation. Among the advantages of the villas are that they incorporate their own staff, which includes chefs who cook the favorite dishes with the freshest, local ingredients for the diners.

Another aspect to consider is the destination chosen by the traveler. In the luxury market, the hottest destinations are Japan, followed by Italy and the Maldives.

  1. It’s All About Bluxury

In addition to leisure and pleasure trips, there are also many customers with high purchasing power who have to travel for business and who want to combine this type of trip with other tourist activities. When this combination occurs, people talk about bluxury (business + luxury). In that sense, a CEO can have work meetings in the morning and in the afternoon relax at a high-end spa.

  1. Taking Care Of Your Inner You

Yoga, mindfulness, or any discipline aimed at achieving inner silence has replaced the wellness fever. The luxury travelers differ from the previous trends by choosing to do it at luxurious resorts. The Mandarin Oriental of Barcelona offers a wonderful meditation retreat and the Schooner Bay in Abaco, Bahamas
also offers this option with the opportunity to do it on the same beach.

  1. Rediscovering Old Cities

Why discover new destinations when you can rediscover the destinations in which you were the happiest? In Miami, Faena has become the hottest spot after it restored a port area with the Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

Meanwhile, the Four Seasons has opened a hotel in Tamude Bay, next to Tetouan, in Morocco, as an option in front of the traditional Marrakech. InterContinental bets with The 02 for the neighborhood of Greenwich in London, and in New York, Queens’s takes over the place of preference that Manhattan used to occupy. Queens fits right in with the hipsters thanks to places such as The Boro Hotel and The Paper Factory.

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