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How Not to Let Instagram Ruin Your Vacation

Is Instagram Ruining Travel?

A new herd of travelers emerged with the rise of social media, especially those who looked for the Instagram factor in each tourist experience. These travelers are always in search of the most beautiful landscapes, only to take a picture to share with their friends and nothing more.
Now with thousands of photos taken in the same place, in which sometimes utopias are shown thanks to editing tools, travelers go with high expectations that sometimes are not fulfilled because certain users have misrepresented these destinations.
And what’s worse? You could be one of these people without even realizing it. So, here you’ll see the usual behavior that could ruin a real travel adventure for you and your travel buddies, just for the sake of a fake picture-perfect vacation to show off on social media.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings In An Archaeological Site

In places such as Machu Picchu, which have an impressive amount of tourists annually, the protectors of the area have decided to close some areas for the public, since people look to reach the highest point just to take a picture there. They usually put themselves and others in danger, or treat the natural area very poorly, littering all over the site. If you go to a natural site, take care of the environment and look for better ways to promote good environmental practices than just with a photo on your feed.

Appreciate The True Value, History, And Legacy Of The Sites

If you go to a museum, do not just take a picture of the work of art to share it (which actually, is something that is forbidden in many places). It’s better if you show interest in painting, the artist behind the exhibition, and everything else that is in the museum. Also with architecture, monuments, and performance art, it’s better to live it than to just take a photo. If you want images, you can probably find them on Google. Our recommendation, as long as it’s allowed by the museum, take a few photos of the pieces and spaces that you really connect with, and soak in the rest of the experience sans-Instagram.

Do Not Promote Animal Exploitation

Before sharing a photo on Instagram where you are with animals such as elephants, llamas, or sharks, think about if it is an image about responsible sanctuaries and the people that live with these creatures on a daily basis. If the experience goes viral, then the animals could be in danger of exploitation. Also, consider the restrictions in certain ecosystems, such as the Firefly Sanctuary in Tlaxcala in Mexico, where the insects are not allowed to be photographed because light damages their reproduction. Harming a living animal is not worth it just to take a “pretty picture” that’ll get you tons of “likes”.

Live In the Moment

What good are 1,000 identical photographs on your phone if you do not truly enjoy being there? The biggest mistake is not living the moment and letting everything pass through your smartphone screen. Taking a couple of photos is fine, but don’t carry your phone in your hand every single step of the way. It can potentially ruin the experience for your travel companions, other tourists, and even yourself. Instead of focusing on getting the perfect photo for your feed, go back to the ideas of what traveling is
really about and just enjoy the environment.

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