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4 Types of Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

While you might be tempted to take the easy route and wear one pair of shoes for every aspect of your life (work, fitness, extracurriculars, going out), several studies show that this could be bad for your feet and posture.

Yes, you’ll save money on shoes long-term; however, using the wrong shoes for long periods of time leads to immense pain and discomfort. For this reason, it’s important to take necessary precautions.

Here’s a quick guide on the 4 types of shoes every woman needs to have. These suggestions will help avoid foot and joint pain giving you a comfortable way to get around.

1. Stay in Shape Through Fitness

You always want to have a good pair of workout shoes in your wardrobe. And no… these can’t be the same shoes you’d wear to a night on the town with your friends!

If you love cardio and run often, consider a pair of running shoes. More specifically, what type of running shoes do you need (trail or track)?

  • Trail running mandates a stiffer tennis shoe with a thicker sole and more support.
  • Track running needs a lighter tennis shoe for as little resistance as possible.

Moreover, perhaps you play a sport that requires cleats (soccer or softball). Explore your options and come to a pair that’s both functional and comfortable. If you play often, you don’t want to use your running shoes as they’ll easily become worn out.

Another fun sport that keeps you in shape and is enjoyable is bowling. You’ll save money long term if you invest in your own pair as opposed to renting a pair out every time you’re at the bowling alley. For some inspiration and guidance, check out these reviews on Boot Bomb to see what people are saying about the top bowling shoes on the market today.

2. Leisure and Downtime

You don’t want to compromise comfort for fashion when it comes down to shoes you’ll wear on your downtime. Invest in some higher quality, low profile tennis shoes like Keds. These shoes come in a multitude of patterns and colors and look cute with any outfit, whether it’s business casual or every-day cute.

Plus, you can add your own insole to these shoes and no one will know the difference. Shoes like these are great for taking a walk around town or running errands.

3. Work and Professional Attire 

The type of shoe you wear to work is highly dependent on your work environment. If you work in an office environment, consider some close-toed flats. You can’t go wrong with nude or black colors as they match with almost any outfit.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, ditch the high heels. Even with insoles, the angle that your ankle is forced into with heels is eventually bad for your foot, back, and knees.  If you must wear heels, go with something no more than 2 inches, and for the love, add an insole!

A great alternative to heels or flats is a classy loafer or oxford – it’s easy to add an arch or insole into these shoes, and they look gorgeous without sacrificing comfort. 

4. Night Out with Friends

Like we said earlier, we’re going to be cute and comfortable! Coco Chanel so wisely states: “Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise, it’s not luxury”. In 2020, we’re done wearing shoes that pinch our toes or hurt our backs for the amusement of bystanders. We’re wearing shoes that are cute AND feel good. 

For daily casual, opt for a low block heel. This style looks chic yet sexy and stylish, and the low heel will have your feet thanking you. For something a bit more dressed up, consider a higher block heel or a cushioned pump. Ankle strap heels are also a must: while you might not realize it, keeping pumps on puts a bit of extra strain on the foot and ankle. Having an ankle strap removes that extra strain!

Another incredibly comfortable heel is the classic wedge. Perfect for a pair of jeans, joggers, or a flowy dress, wedges are a perfect way to look dressy casual. The large heel and straps give you a lot of security and stability, making you more comfortable throughout the day. 


There are so many different types of shoes out there; it can be challenging to pick the right ones for every occasion. While you can’t get away with wearing workout shoes everywhere, it’s possible to find versatile shoes to wear for several different times.

For example, you can wear low-profile tennis shoes to work and for leisure, if you get a pattern that can pass for “business casual.” You can also get a versatile pair of heels that look great for going out and going to the office! This way, you only need 3-4 quality pairs of shoes that work with multiple outfits, instead of 27 pairs for all of your wardrobe needs! 


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