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The Dreamiest Zodiac-Sign Inspired Nail Art Ideas

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When it comes to astrology you’re either a firm believer or don’t even care. Even if you fall into the second category, you can’t deny that the zodiac signs look mesmerizing in the form of nail designs. In a time when planet makeup is on the rise on Pinterest, nail artists are jumping on the trend with dreamy zodiac-inspired nail art. Whether you want to honor your horoscope sign through your nails or want to use this aesthetic to create stunning nail art, take a look at the prettiest zodiac nails we discovered on Instagram.

zodiac signs inspired nails
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Photo By @tamaradilullo/Instagram

This zodiac nail design with a cartoonish aesthetic is perfect for vibrant gals. The loud colors and graphics will brighten up your overall appearance, driving all the attention to your nails.

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