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Sacha Delone “Everyone Can be Glam in One Way or Another”

VIVA GLAM embodies glamour – beauty, charm, romance, and exoticism.

Anyone who also embodies glamour is more than okay in our book. Musician Sacha Delone, the frontman of the band SuperGlam, does just that, but not just in his band name; it’s also in his music, his soul, and his life story.

Unlike most of us who have a pretty steady childhood, Delone moved all over – from Belgium, to Gabon, to Iraq. He absorbed their culture, their music, their love, and their rhythm to become a hyper-aware teenager that’s traveled more than many of us wish we could in a lifetime.
At 15 years-old, he started playing guitar as well as started pursuing other life ventures – civil engineering and architecture. But soon enough, he realized that he was born to create music.

Delone first flew to the U.S. to promote SuperGlam at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, but a bad car accident a few months later delayed his debut album until just this year. Now, Sacha is back with a new single, “Under the Moonwind”, and SuperGlam will release their debut album in early Spring 2017.

Delone talked to us about his debut album, working with Steven Henry Fisk (Nirvana, Pigeonhead, Soungarden), how travel influenced his sound, and how being a vegetarian helped him find inner peace. It’s not every day you get a chance to talk to someone who’s experienced so much of this world. For now, you can settle by reading all about him.

Q&A with Sacha Delone

You first started to promote SuperGlam back in 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival with Rudy Lenners (ex-drummer of Scorpion). Now, four years later, can you describe your journey of bringing your first album with SuperGlam to life?

It’s been a great adventure, full of unexpected encounters with music luminaries such as Rudy and Steven Fisk, and also my music brothers from the USA (Chicago Mike’s InterGalactic Brother & Sisterhood of Big Eyed Beans, for example). It was quite moving to realize my music has been nurtured and enhanced through such great collaborations. Also, the most important thing I learned about this journey is that making music is not only about producing and touring, getting famous and so on; it’s all about the human experience of life, and I am the one who decides the direction and purpose for my music.

Rudy is the one who found me, and the one who found the right words to make me understand that there might be a place for me somewhere on stage. I learned from Rudy that sometimes we have to create our own opportunities and our own destiny and that we can find the way and the energy to make it happen as long as our heart is filled up with love and positive thinking. I believe this idea best illustrates the manifestation of my journey.

For those who haven’t heard of your band, how would you describe the musical style of SuperGlam?

SuperGlam stands for three words: emotions, melody, and energy. Even though it is always a bit hard to define a musical style, I would say that my music is a kind of emotional “glam rock”, incorporating my own vision and modern style, but also drawing influences from great artists from the past like Marc Bolan of T-Rex, David Bowie, and others. When listening to my music or attending a SuperGlam concert, I hope my audience is able to break free from their everyday lives for a while.

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