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Refresh Your Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin this Fall

Fall is here, pushing aside the chaos of summer for cooler and less stressful times! After all, while we love summer, it can also be a very rough time on our skin. With the heat and excess sweating it causes, our pores can easily become clogged, leading to breakouts and other skin issues. Enter fall, a time of rejuvenation. Especially if you were neglecting your skincare over the warm summer months (and even if you weren’t), your skin likely needs some love after all the heat and humidity. So, what steps can we take to ensure our skin is best protected and rejuvenated as we enter into fall?

Scrub off the Dead Skin

Having a great scrub is the first essential step in keeping your skin healthy during the fall (and any time of the year, really). The amount of sweat and dirt that can get stuck on your skin during the warm summer months is pretty alarming. And if not properly taken care of, this gunk can stick with you into the fall. You definitely want to keep up with a regular scrub routine to keep your skin fresh. It’s not recommended to scrub daily, but twice a week is just the right amount to remove your dead skin and debris and bring a fresh layer of skin to the surface. Be sure to get a scrub with nurturing properties as well, such as Isa Lazo’s Body Scrub. The ingredients in this incredible scrub are unique and effective in revitalizing dull skin. It nurtures your skin for a smooth and healthy result. It’s one of my personal favorites and an essential item for the best fall skin.

Wash in the Morning and Evening with a Gentle Cleanser

If your skin isn’t regularly dry, you should wash it with a gentle cleanser in the morning and in the evening. And if you’re looking for the perfect cleanser, I highly recommend InstaNatural’s Vitamin C Cleanser. As someone with sensitive skin, I can honestly say that this cleanser powerfully fights wrinkles and fine lines while still being gentle on my skin. The coconut water and aloe in the formula leave my skin feeling moisturized and smooth without any irritation. I love it! Washing your face before you start the day and again before you hit the bed can do wonders.

If your skin is just too dry to be washed twice a day, try washing your face with this cleanser before bed and using a gentle rose-water to rinse and refresh your face in the morning.

Use an LED Light Therapy Mask Prior to Moisturizing

Emberela’s Aura Light Therapy Mask has quickly become one of my all-time favorite skincare tools in my routine. Since using it, I’ve seen my skin transform, becoming more moisturized and clear, all by turning on this mask a few times a week. Honestly, I LOVE it!

This LED light therapy mask utilizes red, blue, yellow, and multi-colored lights to reduce breakouts, treat facial scars, and help to moisturize and prevent aging on the skin. Honestly, I was skeptical about whether or not LED masks would work for me, but after trying the Aura Light Therapy Mask out for myself, I can honestly say that I saw visible results within a week’s time. Simply utilize your favorite setting of the mask after you’ve washed your face in the evening prior to applying your facial serums or moisturizers, and allow the results to appear.

You can use the Red Light setting to help improve your blood circulation, which helps to diminish pigmentation. The Blue Light setting improves and inhibits oil secretion to sterilize your face, helping to prevent and diminish breakouts. The Yellow Light setting relieves dry skin, helping to moisturize your face which, in turn enhances elasticity and delays aging. Finally, the Multi-Color Light gives the affects of all three lights, sterilizing your face while also delaying aging and providing you with anti-inflammatory properties. Honestly, if you’re curious about these LED Masks, I encourage you to hop on this new trend. I did, and I was blown away by the results.

Try Refreshing Traditional Masks

Lastly, there are many traditional masks available now-a-days to help your skin with a number of issues. Masque Bar offers an array of different masks to help with any skin issue. Be sure to do your research on the skin issue you are experiencing, whether it be breaking out, dryness, or excess oil, and find the right mask for your issue. The transitional time from summer to fall is the best time of the year to use face masks, as the refreshing, nourishing feeling that masks bring feel the absolute best on your damaged skin after all the dry, hot heat.

All in all, it takes dedication to your self-care routine to help your skin thrive. Be sure to keep up with your routine regularly, even if you don’t find yourself going out much daily. Try out the products above, and you’ll be thankful you have given the proper care to your skin.


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