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The Best & Hottest Short Hair Trends That Will Rule 2021

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After almost a year of limited access to professional hairstylists, the urge to chop all of your hair off might be dangerously high. Short haircuts are quickly rising to popularity, so it seems that everyone is ready for a big change. The classic bob is still trending, but now more than ever, we’re encouraged to experiment with different styles and dye jobs. If you’re ready for a big cut, we’ve got all the wonderful short hair trends that will dominate in 2021. Take a look at our list and get inspired for your next look!

Blunt Bob

short hair trends that will rule 2021
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Photo By @hirohair/Instagram

The blunt bob has been reigning supreme for years and it’s still among our most beloved choices. You can use a hair straightener to create that extra slick effect and make your hair look silky. 

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