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MODELS Talk Episode 14: Interview with Sahar Golestani

Discover the Struggles and Triumphs that Models Face in MODELS Talk!

MODELS Talk is VIVA GLAM Magazine’s very first talk show. When most people think of modeling, they think of the glitz and glam, but they don’t see much of the hardship that comes with all of it. The stereotype of a model is generally a very specific age, weight, and look, and a lot of models find themselves constantly struggling to fit into that world. Our VIVA GLAM supermodels are no exception. We think they are the most gorgeous, substantial women, yet they have all met many hardships. However, they persevere and come out stronger women and stronger models. Join host Candace Kita as she discusses these struggles with our special guests.

On this episode of MODELS Talk, Candace speaks with fashionista and soccer enthusiast Sahar Golestani. Sahar has always been into both fashion and soccer, and they have definitely impacted her modeling. Born in Canada, Sahar knew she was always meant for Hollywood, so it was no surprised when she moved to LA. She discusses her transition and how important it is to give support and positivity to other models.

Stay tuned to VIVA GLAM Magazine to see more episodes of MODELS Talk coming soon.


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