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Mental Health Apps for a Better, Happier You

Ever wonder what mental health apps are out there?

Global Wellness Day is an official holiday, and Global Wellness incorporates not only physical health but mental well-being, as well. In honor of this day, we should all focus on our own mental health and happiness; we should make note that maintaining our mental state is a must-do for everyone, not just those suffering from mental illness. So, we have collected a list of some pretty amazing mental health apps that will help you be your absolute best!


Moodkit is available on iPhone and is designed to help reduce depression and anxiety. It includes over 200 activities plus a journal and templates to help you to organize and archive your thoughts and ideas!


This app is available on both the iPhone and Android and offers users a free seven-day trial! Pacifica helps with depression and anxiety like Moodkit. It tracks your emotions and has the ability to voice-record your thoughts and feelings. It also offers techniques to help you to relax such as meditation and deep breathing exercises!

Way of Life

Way of Life is available on the iPhone and offers a healthy way to build positive, good habits. It also tells you ways to break bad habits! You can track your progress and it will even send you friendly reminders too! It’s free and $4.99 for the premium version.

Live OCD Free

Living with OCD can be overwhelming. Live OCD Free is an app offered by iPhone that helps you with this issue by desensitization exercises. There is both an adult and child version and you can set reminders, track your progress and even offer yourself rewards once you accomplish a task.

Operation Reach Out

Suicide is a very serious issue that should not be taken lightly. Operation Reach Out is a free app that is offered on the iPhone and Android. It contains brief videos that people expressing suicidal thoughts can watch to re-evaluate their thinking. It also offers phone numbers to suicide prevention lines. This app was originally developed by the military
and is now available to anyone who might be dealing with a crisis situation.


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