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Men’s Guide On How To Wear Knitwear

The first thing that will probably cross your mind when someone mentions knitwear might be winter. With summer fading and the weather becoming chilly, knitted garments become somewhat of a must-have for every man’s wardrobe.

Knitting is one of the oldest methods of making clothes with some of the oldest styles of clothing rising from knitwear. Examples of knitted clothes for men include sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, and turtlenecks.

Below is a well-detailed guide on how every man should wear knitted clothes.

How to Wear Knitted Sweaters

As fashion pieces, sweaters provide a lot more versatility than most people would think. As a layering option, you can wear your sweater with a suit, a leather jacket, a casual blazer, and even with a simple t-shirt and jeans.

When it’s warm, well-fitting shorts can be worn with a knitted sweater to more casual functions. Just make sure the sweater is made from a light thread so you don’t feel too hot.

Pulling off Knitted Shirts

Men’s knitted shirts are not as common and are an underappreciated summer look. They are an ideal piece for days when it’s not cold enough to wear a jacket but it’s not warm enough for a plain t-shirt.

A knitted shirt with multiple colors or stripes combined with shorts or khakis will give you an attractive smart casual look. However, knitted shirts don’t go too well with jeans so you should try to avoid that sort of outfit.

How to Wear Knitted Cardigans

Fashion trends in the 2000s condemned mens cardigans as an old man’s sweater of choice. However, recent times have prompted people to view cardigans in a different light such that even young people are wearing them now. That doesn’t mean they are an easy outfit to pull off.

Wear a cardigan over a t-shirt to pull off a smart casual look. You can also choose to underlayer when it’s a bit chilly by having it on beneath your coat or blazer for extra insulation.

The V-Neck Jumper

Despite it being a favorite for golf players and enthusiasts alike, the V-neck jumper happens to be one of the versatile sweater styles. It can be worn over a shirt and tie which works for a smart business casual look. It can also go over a t-shirt but it won’t look as dashing as when combined with a button shirt. Just make sure you wear it over something. 

Knitwear Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Although there are various modern thermo-regulating fabrics that will also keep you warm, they won’t do so with the same style as knitwear does. They offer great sartorial elegance and are incredibly versatile. Knitted clothes can be worn as part of a layered official outfit or simply for lazing about the house on a chilly day.

When shopping for men’s knitwear, make sure that you factor in the fabric and style of the clothes before buying. The thickness of the fabric matters when it comes to heat insulation. Knitwear made from light fabric is ideal for the summer whereas thick fabric is convenient during the winter season.

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