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The Best Loewe Bags to Buy Now

The designer handbags are much more than, just elegant and sophisticated arm candy. One brand that never fails to surprise us is Loewe and it is the Spanish luxury women fashion brand, which is quite popular in Europe and other countries across the world. Most of the Loewe bags are classics and staples in the stylish wardrobes over the world, and are the best investment pieces. If you are looking to find the best Loewe bags, check out the list of top 5 Loewe Designer bags out here:

Loewe Puzzle Small Shoulder Bag

Loewe Puzzle Small Bag debuted in SS15 collection and became synonymous with the stylish functionality and utilitarianism thanks to the uniquely geometric make. Made in such a way that it can be worn in five different ways, you can wear this bag as the backpack or clutch, and can be folded flat, and making it the frequent traveler’s most favorite companion.

The puzzle bag is made keeping in mind the most minute details: with the prototypes taking around 3 days to design, and final piece takes 9 hours to hit the production lines. The interior and make of the bag are very different and you will really love using this bag again and again. This Small Puzzle Bag comes in various colors from yellow to black, so you will find the Puzzle bag that fits right.

Loewe Barcelona small bag

There is some beautiful range and colors launched this season by Loewe brand.  Suppose you are looking for the most versatile handbag with the sophisticated edge, I recommend the Barcelona bag as the best option.  It is an amazing size while being quite compact and neat.  It is very deep so you will fit the tone inside. 

This bag interior is divided into 2 spacious compartments with the pocket that you may slip receipts and business cards in it.  There is the back pocket that is ideal for keeping your phone in it. Unique closure is really simple to open & close that is good when you are in the rush and hands are full.

Loewe Mini Gate handbag

It is categorized as the Saddle Bag, Mini Gate features the half-moon shaped bag constructed in the natural and soft calfskin. Certain iterations have used several other textiles (tweed and raffia) for the basket. The construction of the bag appears to work very well in color-varied and monochromatic applications that say much about the most pleasing silhouette.

Loewe Hammock bag

Loewe keeps flourishing in a high fashion world, so what is the next? It is Loewe Hammock Small Bag. Hammock is the streamlined minimalistic handbag. It is the most stunning handbag that will be carried in many different ways. However, does the bag remind us about something? The solid colors and clean lines make this Hammock handbag feel like the beautiful classic. Hammock Bag will be carried easily by hand because of the double handles. This comes with the detachable shoulder strap that you can carry on your shoulder and cross body carry. This shape is slouchy and flexible that makes its interior spacious.

Loewe Flamenco Knot tote bag

The ordinary structured handbags are all lifeless and boring –we would need something with the kick to its usual design. For this reason, we’re bringing you the designer Loewe Flamenco Knot Handbag, the simple and sophisticated piece that will definitely win you serious style marks. We really love how the bag is not over-the-top, still it delivers the type of design and functionality that you want.

This beautiful and elegant shoulder handbag is downsized over perfection with the subtly embossed sign on its top corner. This has the knot drawstring detailing & hand-painted edges, also has the adjustable strap. Suppose you need to put your essentials in one place, you can make it Flamenco. You will not regret it!

Wrap Up

Without any doubt there is something really special about Loewe bags. They are designed with complete perfection and give a unique look that you do not see with any other bags. Well, if you are looking for the casual, stylish and chic bag that fits the fair amount and is versatile, it is definitely worth to consider.

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