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An Interview with the Founder of the Leiluna Collection

The Leiluna Collection is a bright, fun, sexy clothing line based out of Los Angeles. The styles truly speak for themselves, but we still sat down with the designer and founder of Leiluna Collection, Leilani Dowding to talk about her pieces.

1. Have you always been into fashion and clothing?

I was actually more of a Tom boy as a kid so I wasn’t really into fashion until I hit my mid twenties. I feel like looking back to my teens and early 20’s my style was so different than it is today

2. What do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

I design things mainly based on what I would like to wear and what isn’t really available in LA. My style is simple yet sexy and chic.

3. Tell me a little bit about the design process and how it flows for you. Do you use a planning calendar or are you more of a spontaneous designer?

I’m definitely more spontaneous. When I think of a style or when I like a different fabric or a certain color, I will go ahead and make it. Since I mainly sell online, I don’t have to follow any shops deadlines for collections, so there are new dresses out all year round.

4. Do you follow trends?

I do follow trends as far as colors and fabric go. We always have the classic styles and neutral colors but also throw in colors or fabrics that are relevant and in season.

5. Do you have a favorite color for this season? If so, what is it and why do you love it for this season?

This season I am obsessed with bright pink and coral. Coral is more of a classic summer color, but bright pink is so “in” now and there are so many great accessories on sale to complement it.

6. Your summer collection is incredible. Are you also considering designing accessories such as bags, hats and jewelry?

Thank you so much. We have no plans to include accessories, but on shoots we like to add these in so that people can be inspired as to how to accessorize and how to make their dress their own.

Be sure to shop the Leiluna Collection today to get your own beautiful pieces designed by Leilani.

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