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What Does Your Fashion Sense Say About You — And How to Change That

Your clothing says a lot about you including your line of work, spending capacity, ambitions, and emotions. Psychology has a great deal to do with your clothing choices, and your wardrobe may actually be bringing to light specific issues in your life. Here are a few messages your clothes may be communicating about you.

The Colors You Gravitate Towards: The colors you chose can say a lot about your personality. Do you wear only black? This could mean that you’re sure of yourself and the path you’re on.  You value empowerment and don’t experience much self-doubt. On the other hand, if you’re drawn to bright colors, you’re probably an energetic and cheerful person with a positive outlook. Black, navy and earth tones are power colors, while jewel tones, reds, and pinks are considered more sensual.

The Fabrics You Love: If most of your clothing is made of soft, breathable cotton, you favor comfort over anything else. Linen wearers like to look elegant while keeping things casual. Low maintenance and durability are key to those who love polyester. If you’re drawn to silk, you have expensive taste and strive for luxury.

The Fit of Your Clothing: Everyone loves a good, baggy sweatshirt. But if you find yourself only dressing in clothing too big for your body, this could indicate low self-esteem. People who wear skin tight clothes are confident and enjoy being the center of attention. Women who dress in layers love to keep their options open and are prepared for any situation.

Your Makeup and Accessories Game: Your makeup and accessories can make or break an entire outfit. If you like to let your accessories do all the talking, you’re someone who loves to be different. Wearing unconventional makeup colors could indicate that you’re not one to follow the beaten path and you take pride in your uniqueness.

The Labels You Prefer: Every woman likes a well-made designer handbag to carry around. But wearing designer clothes from top to bottom could be seen as trying too hard. Women who balance their designer wear with other high-quality pieces are considered self-assured and sure of what they want.

Tips on Making Your Wardrobe Work for You

1. Re-evaluate Your Look: Take the time to put together outfits that express who you are. Remember that first impressions happen only once. You probably can’t go wrong if you dress for the occasion.

2. Reassess Your Wardrobe Regularly: Experts suggest varying up your look every five years to reflect the changes in your life.

3. Understand Your Basics: Consider putting together a capsule wardrobe with a couple of high-quality, core pieces that are interchangeable and reflect your style.

4. Find Your Go-To Colors: Certain colors can make you look more approachable while others compliment your individual skin tone best. Incorporating more of these hues into your wardrobe will not only make you feel great but also have a positive impact on others.

At the end the day, life is short. So, wear what you love and don’t save your favorite pieces for special occasions. Use the tips above simply as guidelines and wear your best every day. When you look good, you feel good, and this will shine through in every aspect of your life.


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