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How to Shop Like a Fashion Editor

Every few months there is a new color, accessory, pair of shoes or a garment that becomes an object of desire. However, there are times when following trends can be a little overwhelming, since there are so many and some of them tend to be quite different from each other. For this reason, it’s really wise to learn how to shop like a fashion editor.

Nina Garcia, Caroline Issa, Eva Chen and Leandra Medine are women who have millions of followers in their social networks. And the main reason is that people are eager to learn about their sophisticated looks and how they manage to mix and match some trends with other classic pieces. So, take note of their tips!

Nothing Like a Midi dress

This is a garment that, according to these fashion gurus, would allow you to go from your office to a night event without having to change.
In addition to the classic black dress, do not be afraid to go for some prints or the always trendy color blocking. To give it a personal twist, you just have to add an statement necklace.

Always Go Minimal

When you’re in a boutique or jewelry store and you’re not sure about which earrings to get, relax and think about the rule of French publishers: Always go minimal. From rings to bracelets, select small pieces that will allow you to create your own collection. Another secret? Do not lose sight of the vintage.

Say it in a T-Shirt

This recommendation is a great opportunity to say something with your outfit. Literally: t-shirts with flashy messages. Whether you are a passionate feminist, a rocker or a geek, you can never go wrong with making a statement but also make sure that it fits your right; especially on the shoulders. In this way, you can combine it with jeans or a pencil skirt.

The Perfect Pants

The ideal scenario is a closet that has a pairs of denim, harem, one type coulottes, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans; but the essential thing is picking a pair of pant that will fit you well. Take all the time you need in the changing room and make sure that the length and waist fit your silhouette.

Layer up!

One of the secrets of stylists and designers is to play with the layers. Now, if you’re in a place where there’s a warm weather or it is the summer, then heat is a variable to consider. What fabric is the best? Go for a lightweight jumper style knit sweater. This will be perfect on jeans, skirts and dresses alike.

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