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Do You Know How to Take the Perfect Holiday Pic?

The holidays are officially here and now is the time to look your absolute best! You’ll be seeing a lot of friends, loved ones and admirers, so here are some of our favorite tips for an ultra-glamorous season of photos!

  1. Wear Makeup. Don’t forget to wear makeup even if you think you don’t need to. You’ll be taking a lot more photos during the holidays than usual. Makeup doesn’t show in photos as much as in person. The result in pictures will be a smooth complexion, beautiful eyes and a perfect smile! So don’t be afraid to add a bit of blush and lipstick this season!

  1. Foundation. Don’t forget to extend your foundation to your neck area and decolletage. Why? You don’t want a line of foundation across your chin. You might not even see it when you apply your makeup, but in daylight, everyone will see a band of color across your chin. Not flattering!
  1. Smooth your hair. Take the time to smooth your hair after you brush it.
    You can also use a tamer stick that will help with flyaways. You don’t want to take pictures looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket!
  1. Smile!
    One of the simplest things a woman can do to make herself more attractive is smile! Smiling instantly brightens your face and also adds positive energy into the room. Make others feel warm and welcome by giving them a great smile!

  1. Don’t Be Stiff. While taking photos, don’t stiffen up. Remember to just be yourself. A relaxed pose doesn’t look fake and will also make others in the photo with you feel the same way. Remember, taking photos should be fun and should happen organically.
  1. Soften Your Eyes. Also, remember to relax your eyes.
    Many times, women have their eyes open too wide and as a result they look like a deer in headlights. Enjoy the moment and don’t try too hard to pose.

  1. Try Tilting Your Head. Why not try tilting your head in a few shots?
    You will look more friendly and relaxed.
    This pose will open you up, make you less stiff-looking and will make you look more attractive on the whole.

  1. Engage.
    If you are posing with friends, don’t be afraid to put your arms around them or put your head closer to theirs.
    This way it doesn’t look like the photo is just about you. Engage with others around you; it is more fun and that will show though in the photo!

  1. Practice.
    Practice, practice, practice!
    Don’t be self-conscious about practicing in front of a mirror.
    This is a good way to see what you are doing in front of the camera.
    Actors do “mirror work”, so why shouldn’t you?
    Get in touch with your body and yourself by taking a look in the mirror.
  1. Don’t Overthink It. Last, but not least, don’t overthink taking pictures. Just try to capture the moment rather than pose for the photo. Taking holiday images is not about taking “perfect” pictures, it is about capturing the moment with your loved ones!

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