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Be Glamorous for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of fun, festivities and getting together with friends and family. This year, why not look your glamorous best? After all, this is a time when you see people you may not see the rest of the year.
So, surprise them by looking more fashionable, gorgeous and stylish than ever! Here are our top beauty looks for the holidays!

  1. The Updo. This season, why not try a sophisticated updo? It is simple, shows off the nape of your neck and adds grace to your overall look. Wear this with a holiday dress or even leggings, boots and a casual sweater. With little time during the holidays, this updo will look like you spent hours at the salon, but didn’t!
  1. Red lipstick. Did you know that studies show men are most attracted to women who wear red? And that red lipstick is an indicator of youth and sex appeal? So what are you waiting for? The holidays are the perfect time for crimson red, Cherries in the Snow or vermillion! Show off your sense of adventure and wear a beautiful red lipstick this Christmas and make some holiday magic!

  1. Red evening gown.
    As we said previously, red is the color most attractive to men. This Christmas, why not wear a glamorous red evening gown to your holiday event? Stand out and shine like the star you are!
    You will walk in and all eyes will be on you.
    Don’t forget, you deserve it!
  1. Gold accessories.
    This season everything will be red, gold and green. Why not dress up your outfit with terrific gold accessories.
    Gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings will brighten up any occasion. They are fun, festive and flirty!
  2. Lashes. Don’t forget to have sexy, full lashes at your holiday party. They open your eye and add a bit of smoldering sexiness!

  1. High boots.
    This season brings cooler weather. But you can still look stylish in high boots. Wear them with leggings and either with a heel or completely flat. These will be your “go to” boots for the season!
    And don’t forget to go vegan this season with awesome vegan boots, handbags and accessories!

  1. Gloves.
    Gloves are in and come in all different colors this season. Try raspberry, popsicle orange or snow white!
    They are fun and keep your hands nice and toasty while out on a date with your new beau!
  1. Stylish Jacket. You need one stylish jacket this year that will be your basic coat for the winter. This can be a tailored pea coat, a long ski jacket or even a vegan leather jacket! Keep the color basic so it will go with just about everything. Beige, black, brown or gray will carry you through this season with ease!
  1. Sunglasses. You might not think of winter as a time for sunglasses. But don’t forget winter sports like skiing, snow boarding, hiking and sledding. Snow reflects sunlight directly into your face. So, even though it is cold, you need a stylish pair of sunglasses to protect your eye area during this time of year!

10. Bronzer. Also, use a bronzer this season to pump up your color a bit.
Keep that summer radiance all year long with a powder bronzer. It is easy to use and will make you look sun-kissed even though you may not be in actuality!

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