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Kick-start Your Career as an IT Support Specialist with CompTIA A+ Certification

Planning to delve into the world of IT support? Then you’ll need a career booster that will help kick-start your profession as an IT support specialist. And one of the highly awarded entry-level certifications is none other than the ever-encompassing CompTIA A+.

IT graduates may have come across this renowned credential a lot of times, but how does this certification help you begin your career? First and foremost, CompTIA itself is an award-winning IT organization that issues industry-acclaimed professional certifications. Because of its worldwide recognition and more than three-decades expertise in helping professionals, people with this kind of credential are the cream of the crop.

The process of getting a distinguished certification like CompTIA A+ Exam Questions & Answers may be daunting, but it’s truly worth it. So, let’s discuss the awesome ways how this sought-after IT certification helps you establish your career. 

Opens up your knowledge in computer hardware and software

As an IT support specialist, you need to be knowledgeable about computer systems and issues, as well as different software applications. Mostly, you will render your service to either businesses or direct consumers. With the plethora of computer and network issues, every IT support specialist must have a deep background in technical, hardware, and software information. And the most valuable foundation that will give you this kind of knowledge is CompTIA A+.

This start-up certification highlights two exam codes―220-901 and 220-902. The first exam tackles about hardware and components, including network connectivity problems and troubleshooting. On the other hand, the second exam is more on software issues and operating system configurations. By preparing and eventually passing the exam, you will furnish yourself with comprehensive facts, by which you can apply in your career. So, even if you have no extensive work experience, you’ll be able to ace the job!

Covers comprehensive and expansive topics

With topics covered such as operating systems, security, networking, troubleshooting, and the like, it is evident that you’ll be equipped with more than enough information needed for your new career. Not only that, this year, CompTIA A+ provides new exam codes―220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2), which means you will gain expanded knowledge important for today’s changing digital industry. These new exam codes feature more comprehensive information about cloud computing, virtualization, security topics, including competency in most operational procedures. The exams check your skills related to mobile devices to greater extent as well. Still, you can choose which exams to take as the 900-series will expire only on the 31st of July, 2019.

Polishes your IT support skills

The CompTIA A+ certification not only gives you a worldwide recognition but also polishes your IT support skills even before landing a job. Candidates who prepare for the certification exams are geared with important skills such as problem-solving skills, methodical approach, and technical abilities. It is because both 220-901 and 220-902 certification exams are all-inclusive, which means you will learn the basic as well as other in-depth information related to the general topic. Through this, you’ll be able to easily identify different hardware components and peripherals, secure devices and network connections from threats, and troubleshoot network issues and other device problems. Moreover, an IT support specialist with CompTIA A+ can expertly and professionally explain unwanted hardware and software interruptions. Hence, it positively impacts the business as a whole because they follow industry-recognized practices and rules.

Trains your patience and perseverance

IT support specialists must be all around, from configuring and solving issues to pacifying customers. With a vital certification like CompTIA A+, every candidate is trained to be patient and persevering in order to pass the exam. The certification exams are not a piece of cake, hence help you become more ready to deal with different issues in the real world. Preparation for the exams revolves around classroom training, self-study tools, and other training resources. Accordingly, once you get into the real job, you will not be shaken with the array of challenges and issues that may come your way as an IT support professional.

Shows that you are a trained IT professional with a goal

Without a doubt, preparing for the CompTIA A+ certification exams are not a walk in the park. Meticulous groundwork is needed to pass the exam, from training resources to study references. And professionals who plan to take this certification show how serious they are about their career, with a certain goal to achieve. Since CompTIA A+, together with CompTIA IT Fundamentals+, is the starting point for any IT career, passing these certifications means that you can take on more comprehensive careers such as cybersecurityand infrastructure. But of course, you need to pass the CompTIA A+ exams first so that you can get on other CompTIA certifications like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security +, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, and more.

Keeps you updated with the IT trends and improvements         

For people who have gained the CompTIA A+ credential, they are now surely part of a worldwide community of trusted professionals, who continuously inspire and update their members. With the expansive reach, it will be easier for IT support specialists to keep abreast with everything around IT support. Whether it’s about the latest software system updates or significant announcements from notable brands, being a CompTIA A+ holder gives you sure edge among other candidates. It is because being on this path showcases your commitment to be always updated with the newest developments in the IT world.


Remember, learning does not end as soon as you pass the exam. It is an unceasing journey that is intensified when you land a job in information technology. With CompTIA A+, it would be much easier for you to jump-start your career as an IT support specialist. You are more than equipped with knowledge and skills that will assist you and the business.

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