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5 Best Free Apps for A Vegan Lifestyle

If you are a vegan or are interested in becoming one, do not miss the following mobile apps designed to give you tips, recipes and culinary ideas to help you develop a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle.

Nowadays, more and more people are proclaiming themselves as vegans, vegetarians, macrobiotics or flexitarians. The reasons are diverse: health, ethics, antispecies, dedication to help reduce climate change or to advocate for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The fact is that sometimes, people do not know where to start, do not have enough knowledge of nutrition or cooking or they want to start little by little. That is why technology is a great tool that can help in this road.

Here you can learn about some of the best mobile applications for vegetarians, vegans or those interested in this type of gastronomy or activism.

  1. Vegetarian Recipes: One of the most interesting and complete that you will find in the apps market is Vegetarian Recipes, which will allow you to find all kinds of dishes. You’ll be able to use specific filters or choosing between dish types, select by their difficulty degree or pick typically vegan recipes. You can create a list with your favorites and have ready the food items when going to the market.
  2. Vegman: This application is mainly for finding restaurants or establishments around the world that have vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan or vegg options. You just have to put the city or place you want to visit. You can read or write reviews and recommendations of the places you visit.
  3. Happy Cow Find Vegan Food: With this app you can discover vegetarian and vegan restaurants in more than 180 countries around the world. Thanks to it, you can find healthy stores and vegan markets and read comments from other consumers.
  4. Easy Vegetarian: The purpose of this app is that you can achieve a successful vegetarian diet in the most comfortable and simple way possible. Therefore, browsing through it you will find a lot of quick vegetarian and vegan recipes, easy-to-use shopping lists and lots of useful information at your fingertips.
  5. Bunny Free: If you want to know if the brands you use are free of animal cruelty, Bunny Free is the application for you .
    Promoted and developed by PETA, Bunny Free shows the policies used by the brands examined about animal testing, indicating whether or not they are cruelty free and even if they are PETA certified.
    The app is easy to use: it will be enough to search for a specific brand or analyze the barcode of the product.


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