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KAT Lash: The Right Amount of Lash

What’s Your Favorite Style of Kat Lash?

KAT Lash was designed by Katarina Van Derham to make everyone feel glamorous. KAT Lash provides the right amount of lash just for you, and more importantly, it is a cruelty-free and vegan brand! We all have our favorite style of KAT Lash here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, as they are each wonderful for different occasions and different types of glam. Read below to see which type of
KAT Lash will provide you will the right amount of lash for your idea of glam.


The “countess” lashes are so natural-looking that you can comfortably wear them every day. The design of this lash style subtly opens up and emphasizes your eyes in an instant! They are great for a first date.


Be daring, unforgettable, and bold, and add more drama to your look. The “milady” lash style was made to make an unforgettable entrance. Pair these with a classic smokey eye for a show-stopping, sexy look! These lashes are fuller on the outside edges of your eye, so they will help you to create the perfect sultry, cat-eye look.


Get ready for your closeup! This lash style was designed to be dramatic yet voluminous with the just enough glam to conquer any red carpet. It will open up your eyes to give you a more youthful, doe-eyed look.

Queen K

Are you tired of re-doing your eyelash extensions? Try this style instead, and get ready for an endless night of selfies with you and your girls. The Queen K lash style is designed to truly highlight the essence of your natural beauty and femininity. Not only does it give you a similar look to eyelash extensions, but it’s much more sanitary.


Bat those lashes, beautiful! These lashes are made to get hearts racing. The empress lash style instantly gives you that perfect amount of fun and flirty!

Lash offers two unique sets of individual lash clusters, as well. These are great because they are easy to remove from the tray. No more stuck and ruined lashes! Use these to enhance any of the above styles, whether you want to add length or fullness.

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