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The Biggest Beauty Trends Of The Decade

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The past decade was huge for beauty. From introducing contouring to our everyday makeup routine to getting obsessed with multiple skincare products, a lot of things have changed since 2009. Just for a reference, terms such as microblading and brow lamination didn’t exist ten years ago. Huge celebrity makeup brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and KKW Beauty didn’t exist as well. A-listers would do smaller collabs with brands, but no one was as obsessed with beauty as we are now. We decided to make a trip down a memory lane and remind you of the biggest beauty trends of the decade.

2009: Smoky Eyeliner

biggest beauty trends of the decade
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Photo By @alessaberry/Instagram

2009 was a starting point for many eye makeup looks that will grow into the biggest trends in the years that follow. Back then, it was all about thick, smoked out flicks that give a vampy, seductive gaze. The trending look was somewhere in between “she’s wearing last night’s makeup,” and “maybe she did that on purpose.”

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