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Is childfree dating really the modern trend and why?

The perks of childfree dating

The times and tendencies change really fast. If having children as early as possible was a must decades ago, it can be really questioned nowadays. Many young and progressive people prefer childfree dating instead of taking the burden of parenthood on their shoulders. While for someone it’s already absolutely normal, others still judge such a decision.

Let’s see to understand whether childfree dating is such a sin or a big problem. Any form of dating has its benefits and drawbacks and not being willing to have children is not an exception. There exist a lot of childfree dating sites online, so learn more about the perks and downsides of such a trend. 

Why dating child-free can be beneficial for you

More time for yourselfChildcare takes a lot of time. You may forget about yourself in the first stages of it and fully devote it to your baby. No matter whether you want to be a mother full-time or want to combine your motherhood with your career, a child needs your time, love, and attention. The majority of your time is devoted not to yourself and your life but to your baby. When choosing childfree dating, you can be the one to whom you devote your time fully. 
Reach great heights in your careerHaving a career is time and effort-consuming. If you have a child, you still can be successful in what you do and reach unbelievable heights. However, when being torn between your family and your career, you will definitely choose the first. Having no children means being unlimited in your career opportunities. You can travel, change your place of living at any time without the necessity to take your children with you, look for a new school, babysitter, etc. 
Cost-effectiveThere is no secret that children are our biggest investments. No matter how much you earn, most of your money will be spent on babies. They need the best food, clothes, babysitters, kindergartens, schools, universities, vacations, and much more. Having kids is extremely expensive. Of course, those who prefer marriage or relationships without their parenthood save plenty of finances. 
Enjoy your life to the fullest Parenthood sets up certain limits for everyone. Things you enjoyed when you had no kids are sometimes impossible when becoming a parent. You cannot afford to attend night clubs or bars anymore, hang out with your friends, or travel to extreme destinations as often as you want. Your kids are your universe now and your life is circling around their needs. By choosing childfree dating, you do not restrict yourself in any way and can enjoy and manage your time, work, and leisure only as you want. 
No responsibilities Parenthood is an unbelievable responsibility. Being responsible for your kid or two is exhausting and very serious. You must maintain their good living conditions, make sure they attend a doctor on time, watch them not to get into trouble every second, etc. Such responsibility is scary for lots of people. Those who want to be responsible only for their own life prefer living childfree. 

The drawbacks of dating child-free

Being in a relationship and making choices always has its virtues and downsides. Childfree dating also has both. Although the benefits of not binding yourself with children are obvious, there are still quite obvious negative effects of it:

  • You never experience parenthood;
  • It affects women’s health;
  • It’s not easy to find a suitable partner;
  • You may be severely judged by society;
  • Social isolation. 

Let’s see what each of them means in detail.

Knowing no parenthood 

No matter how actively you avoid having children and even if being childfree is your own choice, nature may affect you. The calling of both males and females is to give birth and contribute to the demographic situation on Earth. Being a parent is a special stage in everyone’s life. When choosing to live and date child-free, you deprive yourself of knowing what it means. 

No matter how terrible you think parenthood is, it is wonderful. It makes any person and especially a woman, different. You become more responsible, settled down, and realize what true and unconditional love is. No other person can make you experience this feeling in your life. 

Doctors insist

Childbirth doesn’t affect men. However, women’s bodies are adjusted to it and must experience it. Giving birth is their genealogical role. If you are totally healthy and can give birth without any problems, your body counts on it. When you refuse to do it, you cause certain problems in your body. It, actually, doesn’t play its main role and suffers from not doing it. Women go against their nature.

Finding a partner is a struggle

Sooner or later, the question of having kids is raised in all families. Women who do not want children often date men who eventually want them and vice versa. It is a constant contradiction. Childfree dating is very popular nowadays. However, finding people who would support it fully is a real problem. Very often, young people think they are totally childfree but when growing up, this tendency is fading away. If you choose to have no kids in your life, get ready to face a lack of truly suitable partners who would think the same way.

Society doesn’t support it

Childfree women and men are severely judged by society and all over on media. Get ready to be constantly asked such questions as “When are you going to have children finally?”, “It’s time to become a parent at last!”, “Did you already change your mind?”, etc. People think they have a right to tell you what to do and affect your decisions. It may be really annoying.

People with kids socialize more

Those who have children always go out and you can see them in the parks, playgrounds, malls, and all possible public places. Moms are in touch with one another, they use forums, chats, meet each other just in the streets, and have plenty of common topics for discussions. Very often, you feel like an alien in such places where you have nothing to discuss and see only young parents with babies around you. Definitely, people who have kids find their mates much easier than those who date childfree. However, if you have a pet, for instance, you can also socialize much easier with the same pet lovers. There are plenty of them in any park. 

If you face the issue of the lack of partners who would like to date childfree, choose online childfree dating sites such as Sofiadate where anyone can find a suitable partner with any criteria in mind. Online dating, in general, is a great way to solve your relationship issues regardless of whether you are childfree or not. 

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