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Can Being “Whipped” in Your Relationship Ever Be a Good Thing?

The term “whipped” is now casually used to describe someone in a relationship that is being controlled by their partner. However, can being “whipped” be good in a relationship? Some may agree that it has some advantages, while others believe that leads to an unhealthy relationship. Before answering the question, let us first define the term “whipped.”

What It Means to be “Whipped” in a Relationship?

When we love a person, we try to do all the things that can make them happy. Some people would even sacrifice their happiness and feelings to do the things their partner wants. However, is this considered being “whipped?”

By definition, beings “whipped” is a term used to describe a relationship wherein one person has full control of their relationship and the other person tries to meet all the demands of the other. In this case, the sacrifices are often one-sided.

Keep in mind that being a good partner is different from being “whipped.” As you know, most people do things their partner wants because they love them. However, this situation doesn’t mean they are “whipped,” especially if there is give and take in their relationship.

Can Being “Whipped” be Good in a Relationship?

For some people, being “whipped” is not a bad thing. Remember, the time spent with the person you love is an amazing experience. Plus, some people are already happy if they can make their partner happy.

Keep in mind that a healthy relationship requires a balance of power. As such, both parties should have equal power in the relationship. That way, the couple can grow as individuals from their experience. For this reason, being “whipped” in a relationship is considered unhealthy by most people. Remember, sacrifices are part of a relationship; however, they should never be one-sided.

All in all, we make sacrifices to make our partners happy. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re “whipped.” As long as you’re independent and have your own identity, you and your partner can grow in your relationship together.

Can being “whipped” be good in a relationship? The simplest answer to this question is no. Remember, a healthy relationship is built by two people. As such, both parties should benefit from the relationship and must be willing to compromise to make each other happy.

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