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Ideas For A Fabulous Single Person on Valentine’s Day

We’ve all been there, and many of us still are there (and happily, we might add): single on Valentine’s Day. It’s all well and good until you consider that Valentine’s Day was a holiday crafted for couples, to celebrate true love. You may be single and wondering… what’s in it for me? If you fall into the category of “single” on Valentine’s Day, whether that’s “single and lovin’ it” or “single and missing someone”, here are a few great ways you can celebrate.

Ghost Tour

They don’t only exist around Halloween time, and they’re not just meant to frighten you – ghost tours can be fun, entertaining, and, depending on the location, full of “true” historical folklore. How fun would that be for Valentine’s Day? Going on a ghost tour should be full of thrills and entertainment, and would be a fun thing to do with family, friends, or by yourself! Do a quick search online to see if there are any in your area, and if there are, don’t miss it! If you’re in the San Jose area, check out the Winchester Mystery House. If you’re in San Diego, Check out the Whaley House.

Trolley Pubs

If you’re near a downtown city and want to celebrate Valentine’s with a group of friends, consider a trolley pub! Not sure what that is? Think of a small open-air trolley turned pub that, quite literally, rolls down the street with a bartender on board. There are even self-propelled trolley pubs, where individuals sitting around the bar pedal (like a bicycle) to move. This idea will surely land you a good time with great friends!
Palentine’s Day!

Nighttime Capture the Flag

A childhood classic really comes to life as an adult when you play with friends at night! Get together for dinner, have a few drinks, and divide up into teams. Decide where you’ll play – make it a huge, unique, and fun location with lots of hiding spots! Once everyone is ready, decide what you’ll play for (say, who buys the last round of drinks that night), and have a ball!

Binge on Netflix and Wine

Sometimes getting out of the house is more hassle than it’s worth. Sometimes spending time talking with friends isn’t what you need. Sometimes you just want to have time to yourself. For those Valentine’s Days, consider whipping up your favorite dish for one, cracking open a bottle of wine, and cutting on a binge-worthy show. What TV Shows do we recommend? Mad Men, Bloodline, The Crown, House of Cards… any one of these should suck you right down into a comfortable hole that you simply won’t even want to crawl out of.

Shop, Indulge, Shop

Retail therapy, anyone? Make it a Galentine’s Day! Let’s be real: sometime’s the best thing to boost the spirits is to treat yourself to a lovely evening shopping. If you’re single and loving it this Valentine’s Day, or if you’re needing just to be pampered, go enjoy a glass of wine while you get a manicure and pedicure and then hit your favorite stores to shop. Guaranteed you’ll feel like a million bucks when your head hits the pillow that night.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, no matter what your situation is!


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