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80% of People Are Willing to Tell White Lies

Did you know that 80% of people are willing to tell a white lie now and again? Whether it’s for a good cause, or just to take an extra day off work, we’re all guilty of a few fibs. But what are the most common ones? In an 888poker and OnePoll survey of 1000 respondents, a lot was revealed. Here are the goods on our lies … all true, in fact.

The Top 10 Most Popular White Lies

(that respondents would admit to):

  • “I’m on my way!” – More than 62% of people admitted to saying they were somewhere they weren’t.
  • “I got stuck in traffic!” – 53% of respondents used busy roads and transport as their excuse for being late.
  • “I like your outfit!” .¨ Protecting feelings, or protecting themselves? Either was, 53% of people copped to telling this white lie.
  • “It was on sale!” – Although more popular amongst women, almost 45% of people told the occasional fib about how much they were spending.
  • “I’m ill!” – 44% of people said they will occasionally pull a sickie to get off work.
  • “My phone ran out of battery!” – 41% of respondents dodged a conversation by blaming their technology.
  • “I only had one drink!” .¨ 36% of respondents said they’d understated how much they’d put away.
  • “I didn’t have any signal!” – 44% of people just didn’t want to pick up the phone.
  • 35% of people said they had lied about spending time with loved ones.
  • 32% of our respondents admitted to “boosting” their CV a little bit.

The Biggest Bluffers

84% of women said they believed it was OK to tell the occasional white lie, compared to 77% of men.

Are you a gifted liar or a second-rate fibber? Can you bluff with the best of them, or do you fold on the first hand? A new infographic. from 888poker shows just how many of us are prepared to massage the truth, whether for a good cause, or just to take a day off work without using any holiday.

Lies, Lies, and … Statistics

Have a look at some of the most outrageous responses to the survey below, but take them with a grain of salt .¨ only 31% said they’d own up if they got caught lying!

There were any numbers of reasons to “call in sick” – including wanting to go fishing, “I hate my boss,” and even getting married!

  • 20% of respondents would stick to their lie if they were caught out.
  • 42% of women have lied about their diets .¨ a moment on the lips.
  • 32% of people have fibbed on their CV .¨ but the other 68% might be lying.
  • 55% of women have lied about the price of a purchase, compared to only 33% of men. (but the reverse is probably true when it comes to the size of the fish)

So there ya have it, a pro poker level bluffer, or a pristine goody two-shoes, almost everyone makes exceptions. That is not permission, but a dose of reality.

Check out the rest of the funny, tragic, and bizarre results in this infographic.

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