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How to Wear & Store Your Perfume Correctly

There is no doubt that you have been wearing perfume for years; it can be a huge part of your outfit, whether it’s a special occasion or just for every day. However, did you know there is a right and a wrong way to wear perfume? What’s more, have you ever given much thought as to where you’re keeping your perfumes, and the effect it could have on the fragrance?

There is somewhat of an art to wearing perfume, and we’re here to give you a little insight into how to get it right. If you’re hoping to get more out of your favourite perfumes, it could all depend on how you’re wearing and storing them.

The best way to apply your perfume

How often have you sprayed perfume on your wrists, and rubbed them together? While you might think this is the best way to transfer perfume on to both wrists, it can actually change the smell of your perfume. The friction from rubbing your wrists together can heat up your skin slightly, producing enzymes that affect the perfume.

Your best solution is to simply spray your perfume on both wrists and let it sink in by itself!

Your outfit of choice can also dictate how you apply your perfume. Target areas of your skin that are exposed; don’t cover your perfume up with clothes! Consider areas like wrists, inner elbows or the neck.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If you are in a hot climate, avoid spraying your perfume directly on your skin. This is because the natural oils in your perspiration can ruin the perfume’s scent. Consider lightly spraying your clothing instead.

If you have dry skin, your perfume may not last very long. If this is you, look for a perfume gift set that also has a scented body lotion or use an unscented moisturiser before applying your perfume.

Where you should store your perfume

Perfume can be extremely sensitive to the environment its kept in. This includes things like temperature and exposure to sunlight. In particular, perfume doesn’t enjoy going from cold to hot, as this can age the perfume quicker. For example, leaving a citrus-based perfume in a steamy bathroom, can affect its freshness.

Exposure to UV rays can change the colour of your perfume, with amber colours often going green. Funnily enough, the most recommended place to store your perfume is in the box it came in, at room temperature.

Another important thing to consider is that perfume should be used fairly quickly. A half-bottle left on your shelf for an extended period of time will allow oxygen to start breaking down the scent. If it is a particularly fancy fragrance, consider buying a smaller bottle to make sure its scent remains perfect. 


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