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Scents to Help You Evoke the Perfect Mood

It is always important to surround yourself with scents that evoke the right mood. It’s known that scents do evoke certain emotions, so it’s important to know which ones will induce the mood that you need in any given moment. Being in the right mood will help you to achieve your best results in life. For instance, scents can give you confidence which, in turn, affects the way you walk, giving others a better impression of you. It’s like when you get your nails done. You use big gestures to show off your hands in more expressive ways so others can see you nails.

Scents can be added to our environment in a variety of different ways:


Room Mist


Furniture Spray

Hair Fragrance


Body Scrubs & Lotions

That being said, here are a few of our favorite ways to get those much needed scents into our lives. We highly recommend giving the following a try.


The Essensory-Candle Kit is the perfect way to create an environment that makes you feel at peace. Its materials are 100% Eco-friendly, and the design of the heatproof glass lantern is modern, chic, and stylish. The candle refills for the kit come in 5 different natural fragrances, so you can pick the scent that makes you the happiest each time you re-fill your candle.

Natural Fragrance Rose in “Elizabeth”

Natural Fragrance Rose takes diffusing to the next level. In fact, they are starting a green revolution in indoor fragrance by serving as a sustainable alternative to chemical scents. They are made from real premium, garden grown roses and are designed to last for months without having to be watered by taking in moisture from the air. You have to see these to believe them. The thing we love most about them is that they not only make your home smell nice, but they are also beautiful! Who knew such a small flower could create such a nice, powerful scent? Our favorite smell is “Elizabeth” which comes from Exotic Tiaf Rose. This scent is sure to evoke a positive mood.

Clara Hair Fragrance Mist by DefineMe

The Clara Hair Fragrance Mist by DefineMe is an elegant, floral hair spray made with love that evokes positivity. After all, the scents are supposed to embody inspirational personalities, and we can’t help but smile in the light, natural aromas. They are made with chamomile, coconut oil, and aloe vera.

Gurunanda Aromatherapy Natural Mist Room Spray

Room sprays are always ideal for filling a room with scent quickly, but so many are created to mask odor with chemicals. Imagine breathing in all of those toxic chemicals each day! Instead, try a natural room spray that contains no artificial fragrance, chemicals or propellants like Gurunanda Aromatherapy Natural Mist Room Spray! We love the fact it is made from 100% pure essential oils and the lavender, orange, vanilla scent left our room calming, inviting and refreshed!

Starlet Glam Exotic Sugar Scrub

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The Starlet Glam Exotic Sugar Scrub in the Lavendar & Jasmine scent will engage your senses and allow you to feel as if you are being pampered at the spa. It gently exfoliates your skin, leaving you glowing and surrounded by pleasant aroma. It should provide you with a peaceful, blissful mood.

Utama Spice Supa Dupa Moon Flower incense

Incense also plays a key role in filling your room with scent; however, many people tend to be allergic to it. Here at VIVA GLAM, we found an incense that doesn’t give us a scratchy throat. Utama Spice Supa Dupa Moon Flower incense contains only 100% natural ingredients and offers a long-lasting burn. We used this incense to create the ideal meditation space that helps us to channel our creative juices.

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