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How to play NetEnt’s Dracula Casino Slot?

Online slot games are increasingly becoming popular, particularly in the pandemic period. NetEnt’s Dracula Slots is another entry in online casino slot games available. The game is a 5-reel 4-row layout game with a 40 pay line capacity available on desktop and Android. Dracula slot games offer a gameplay matching three or more symbols as you help and Dracula on his course across Europe while preying on his enemies. The game has a high return to player rate of 96.5% due to the easy gameplay coupled with stacked bonus features available. 

Dracula, better known as Count Dracula, is a beloved renowned character from John William Polidori’s fictional work, The Vampyre. The Count’s tale has inspired several fictional books and games through the ages, including the online casino slots game from NetEnts by the same name. The game is a brainchild of a partnership between NetEnt and Universal Studios to develop a game that captures the essence of the world’s most famous vampire. 

In between the gameplay are outtakes of scenes where Dracula goes roaming in the dark London streets preying on unsuspecting victims. The game takes part in London’s Carfax Abbey, a cesspool of night activities, a perfect brooding ground for the king of vampires. However, the action also occurs during the gameplay. On occasion, Dracula’s figure drops on the 2nd reel, hopeful that his love interest would appear on the 4th reel. This entry reduces the game’s dark theme portraying the Count as hopeless romantic fighting for love. A further cutaway scene shows the damsel perched on top of a mountain waiting patiently for her lover. 

The game takes place in Dracula’s house. The playing screen features a dark, ominous background laying a foundation of fear and suspense. The foreground features Dracula sitting menacingly next to a floating grid of slot reels waiting for your next move. Dracula’s well-toned physique is measured in his chosen outfit, which includes a dark tank top with a fitted pair of jeans outlining his muscular structure. NetEnt’s game engineers spared no expense to provide industry level gaming graphics through Dracula’s outstanding visuals that look straight out of a Disney animation.

NetEnt’s Dracula is an improvement over the previous version. The game features new options like the bat feature, which transforms Dracula into a swarm of bats flying over the rows, randomly turning tiles into symbols. The game also has feature options like free spins, stacked symbols, stacked wilds, and wild symbols. While playing, you roll the reels waiting for them to come to a stop trying to match different symbols for bonuses. 

NetEnt’s Dracula slot game offers interactive gameplay with improved aesthetics and extensive chances for bonuses. The storyline is simple yet relatable. You play as Dracula’s henchman helping in his attempts to win back the love of a girl while preying on alcoholics and trumps roaming the London streets at night. The stacked bonuses offer large paybacks of 20-200 times on stakes while regular bonuses provide 10- 60 times the stakes’ payouts. 

The game offers both free and real money stakes with real money options between £0.2 – £200. Improvements in the game now make it easier to land symbol combinations and make wins. Wins occur when you stack three or more matching symbols across the games updated 40 pay lines.

NetEnts Dracula has a maximum win of 400 times on a stake achievable when the entire screen fills up with stacks of Dracula or his lady friend. 
The game offers an extensive array of vampire designed card suits with differentiated styles and mascots to match. The most valuable combination is the Dracula suit of cards that provides gameplays of 200 coins from every slot. These cards offer new aesthetics so that the game does not become monotonous.

NetEnts Dracula slot game comes with new bonus features that make the gameplay more enjoyable. There are wild stack bonuses, which are symbols with a W in blood-red that replaces the adjacent symbol tiles to form an easy win. Landing a wild increases the bonus, helping towards high-value payouts. Wilds are frequent in the second, third, and fourth reels of the grid.

The game offers stacked wild bonuses that replace entire reels with identical symbols. Stacked wild offers more massive bonuses with the potential for extra spins. Another bonus offered is the stacked lady bonus. This option is a variety of available bonuses working similar to stacked wild bonuses. Each wild bonus provides a chance for ten extra spins that activate the stacked wild bonus feature. Wild bonuses occupy one reel while a stacked wild extends over the entire reel converting the tiles to matching symbols accruing cumulative bonuses. 

NetEnts bonus on bonus feature in this online slot Dracula game is a new take on the brooding vampire tale. Make money on your quest to help Dracula in this captivating yet gritty game from NetEnt.

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