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How to Nail the Celebrity-Favorite Wet Hair Look

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The wet hair look has grown into one of the biggest not only summer but year-round trends. It’s a great way to fight the hot, humid weather, especially if you have naturally textured hair. Creating this intentionally wet hair look with layers of hair gel and other products will keep the frizz away. This look can also bring ocean vibes even when there’s no vacation in sight. Seen on runways, red carpets, and elsewhere among celebrities and influencers alike, the wet hair look is one of the sexiest ways to wear your tresses. Find out how to nail this trend along with a gallery of the hottest hairstyles to try.

wet hair look
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Photo By @kacilleshi/Instagram

While it may seem intimidating to drip your hair into generous amounts of gel and glossing spray, it’s pretty easy to replicate the style on your own. No professional hairstylists are needed to nail a sexy wet hairstyle.

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