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A Secret to Building Fuller Lashes

How to Build Fuller Lashes 

The current trend of wearing really heavy false lash strips is leaving many women hanging. In the past, the beauty industry would use mainly individual lashes to enhance the eyes; however, the faux mink lashes have a very thick band, which can be very uncomfortable on the eyelids and doesn’t fit the eyelash bed as perfectly as some of the more natural human-hair lash strips. And, the real mink, fox and horse hair lashes are, on top of it, also full of cruelty! We believe no animal should die for a woman’s vanity.

The good news is that I have an alternative to share with you if you want to achieve a fuller look without having to deal with the really thick eyelash bands.

First and foremost, you need to use an eyelash strip with a thin band. Don’t worry if the lash is not full enough because we’re about to build it up. For the majority of lashes, the strips come a bit longer than the majority of us really need. Measure the lash against your eye, and if it’s too long, cut the extra hair in one piece, and do not throw it away! In fact, designate a little box to keep your eyelash enders stored in. And when you have eight to ten of them (four to five for each eye), let the fun begin!

Apply the now-cut strip that fits perfectly to your eye with a dark-toned glue. Wait until the glue dries all the way. Always be sure to put the glue on the lash and wait about a minute for the glue to become tacky before you put the strip onto your lash bed.

Next, apply a light coat of voluminizing black mascara to merge your lashes with the false lashes.

Then, use tweezers to grab the small pieces you cut off, and start applying them from the outside of the eye in, building a second layer of lashes over the first. Because these cut-off pieces are all the same length, when you layer them on top of the strip, they will extend the lashes, as well as make them fuller. Depending on the type of lash you use, you may or may not want to add another light coat of mascara after this application.

To me, the most beautiful lash look that can be achieved this way is done by using KAT Lash in the style Majesty because the hairs are fun and flirty, and the strip gives you extra hairs to cut off and play with.

When you’re done with your look, remember to remove the lashes by looking down and begin peeling the outside first, peeling them out to in. If you put too much glue on, you can always use oil pads to loosen them up first. Oil removes everything!!

So, good luck! Give it a try, and tag me @katarinavanderham if you post your lash photos on your social media.


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