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How to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Fall is here, and that means it is the ideal weather for hiking and being outside. You can forget getting overheated, as the autumn breeze is perfect for spending time outdoors, and it’s not yet too cold to spend time outside. So, for those who love hiking or camping, or even glamping, now’s the time to gather up your outdoor tools and go exploring. Here we bring you some of the most exciting and practical items to enhance your outdoor experience.


Ideal for a day hanging out in a lake or on the rocks of a still river, CreekKooler is a floating cooler that sits on the water like a boat. It’s designed with dual-wall construction to provide quality insulation, so your drinks will stay cool all day long. In fact, it keeps ice for 48 hours! CreekKoolers also come with can/drink holders on the top. This is the perfect accessory to bring if you are kayaking or canoeing, as it can easily be pulled and navigate behind your boat. For those not needing much space, there are smaller versions available, as well.

Earth Bag Cross Body

The Hamilton Perkins Earth Crossbody Bag is the perfect bag to take hiking with you. Since it’s a crossbody bag, it’s easy to carry with you on your outdoor endeavors, and the bag is water repellent so it will resist your sweat or water from the river. We are all about these bags at VIVA GLAM Magazine, as they are made with recycled materials, so they are great for the environment. This bag also has additional pockets inside with a zipper for extra protection. This is perfect to store your vlogging cameras or iPhone. Plus, it’s very light and ideal for rafting activities.

Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray

The Utama Spice Begone Bug Spray is perfect for those looking for an all-natural solution to keeping bugs away. Rather than containing harsh chemicals, it is made up of spring water, Citronella Oil, Clove Bud Oil, and Cajeput Oil. Yet it is still effective. Use this while you’re outdoors and help the environment in the process. After all, it is good for you and the bugs.

Manly Sunscreen

You definitely shouldn’t step out of the house for an outdoor adventure without sunscreen! We tried Manly Sunscreen, and we absolutely love it. It’s better for you and the environment, as it uses air to propel its spray. When applied, we found it to be less sticky than other spray sunscreens, and yet it still does the job well. And, it’s catered towards men. You see, most sunscreens have feminine packaging and scents. Many men don’t want that in a sunscreen and fight to put it on. Now, wives and mothers can give the men in their lives a sunscreen they’ll want to wear. But it works perfectly fine for women, of course, as well.


Do you ever get your feet cold while camping? If so, next time be sure to pack a PediPockt. Perfect for taking a break and sitting by your campfire or fire pit, the PediPocket is a blanket that contains a foot pocket to keep your feet warm. It seems like the perfect tool to cover yourself and put your feet in as you place your feet up on the rocks surrounding your fire to get warm.

DexShell Waterproof Socks

Many don’t think about packing waterproof socks when planning for their outdoor events, but it’s a key item to bring with you outdoors. After asking around, we found that DexShell Waterproof Hytherm Pro Socks are the best waterproof socks out there. They are actually waterproof, they keep your feet warm for when the weather gets too cold, and they are super comfortable for any long hikes.


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