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How to Do the 90s Blowout

It is now 2021, and a lot of people are still fascinated with the 90s blowout. This is not surprising because this hairdo will not only add volume and life to your tresses, but it can also make you look glamorous. So, how can you create this fabulous hairstyle on yourself? Below are the following steps to do the 90s blowout.

Tools You’ll Need

To create the 90s blowout, you’ll need the following:

  • Styling Comb
  • Round Brush
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Clips
  • Heat Protectant (Lightweight)
  • Hair Rollers

1. Prep Your Hair

One of the most crucial steps to do the 90s blowout is to prep your hair. After washing, dry your strands with a towel and de-tangle them with a styling comb. As much as possible, your hair must be straight so that you can style it easily.

The next step is to apply a lightweight heat protectant. You can use your fingers to ensure that the product is evenly applied to your strands. From there, you need to divide your hair into three sections – left, right, and back. For the back part, you can fasten it with a hair clip.

2. Blow Dry

When blow-drying your hair, you can start with the left section. Start by lifting your hair using a round brush. The next step is to roll your brush downwards, angling your hair roots toward your face. In doing this step, you’ll feel like the brush is pulling your strands; however, tension is necessary to add volume to your tresses.

After blow-drying a bunch of strands, roll the hair roller towards the roots and secure it with a hair clip. Repeat the process until all your hair from the left and right sections is blow-dried.

The process for drying the back and top sections of your hair is the same as the left and right sections. The difference is that you’ll need to brush your hair up and roll the brush from the tip to the roots. Doing this technique will add volume, preventing a flat top.

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Hair Color & Cut by Ashlee Norman/Hair Color & Style by Anthony Montoya/ Makeup by MUYvette/ Model: Malorie Mackey

3. Remove Hair Rollers

Keep in mind that you need to let the rollers sit on your hair for at least ten minutes to ensure that the curls will last longer. You can also use a hair spray for a long-lasting effect.

After removing the hair rollers, gently fix your hair with your fingers. You can also flip your hair to the side to add more volume to your hair.

All in all, these are the steps to do the 90s blowout. As you can see, creating the 90s blowout is so easy, and the results are worth it. So, you haven’t tried this hairstyle yet, now is the time to look fabulous and glamorous.


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