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Cinnamon Gold Hair is the Latest Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trend for Spring

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Most brunette hair colors have been around for quite some time. Yet each season, there’s a new twist to old trends to make them more captivating and easier to maintain. This spring, the absolute favorite among women is the cinnamon gold hair. Essentially a mix of cinnamon shades with a gold finish, it’s one of the spiciest dye jobs for spring. It is the perfect choice for ladies with a darker base who want to refresh their style in a low-maintenance way. If you’re intrigued, scroll down to discover more about the cinnamon gold hair trend.

cinnamon gold hair is the latest low-maintenance hair color trend for spring
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Photo By @dailydoseofhair/Instagram

Cinnamon gold hair is incredibly versatile and can be easily customized to your preferences. For a clean-cut, elegant look choose a full-color dye job in a lighter shade. This vibrant hair color will make your strands shine.

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