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How to Customize Your Own Tote Bags

What are Tote Bags?

The word tote originated from Africa and then came to the English language. It means to carry. A tote bag is a reusable shopping bag that has two handles parallel to each other. These bags are often made of cloth and sometimes light canvas and come in all types of sizes and colors. This bag is used for shopping as it is reusable and non-pollutant to the world. The best thing about these bags is that you can customize them to any design of your choice. It is super easy and fun.

How do tote bags address environmental concerns?

Many shopping bag companies around the world have started to sell these new bags called Tote bags or Cloth bags. They are so ecofriendly that you can use them for over a hundred times. A study of the UK environment agency has shown that cotton canvas bags can be used 131 times. Since plastic bags are being used there is a lot of littering because of them.

How to customize your tote bags?

This is the fun part out of all the things I have just said. You can make a variety of custom bags with this technique. This customization can be done in many ways. I will start with the most easy one and then reach to the most difficult and expensive ones. I will list the materials and steps to do it.

Things needed to get you started:

  • Some plain canvas tote bags
  • Some transfer papers
  • Your colour printed pictures that you need to customize with
  • A design of your choice.

Selecting a good design suitable for you.

The first you need to think about is what design you wish to print on your bag. You could select an image that shows your interests. You should also decide how large your design should be on the Bag. You can search for a design or you can make your own on Adobe Photoshop or 3D. The last thing to remember is that you have to flip your image vertically or horizontally before you print it otherwise the design will appear mirrored on your bag.

Printing your design on transfer paper.

Once you have chosen your design and you have flipped it horizontally or vertically, then you have to print it side by side with a transfer paper and printing paper. After you have printed it on transfer paper cut out the white border and you will be ready for the next step.

Transferring your design on to your bag.

This step is the most important step as after you have done this step you will almost have your own customized tote bag. Ok let’s start, make sure that your canvas bag has been ironed out and there are no wrinkles left on the bag. This step is important as if there are wrinkles on the bag your design will be ruined. Take a hard wooden or cardboard surface and place it under the bag and make sure it is under the area where you want your design to be transferred. Then take your Iron and Transfer paper.

Put the transfer paper face down on the area where you want the design. Then Iron that transfer paper carefully. You should start to iron from one edge then go to the middle and soon to the sides and that will ensure that it has been printed perfectly. Then let the bag cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes. Last and final step is to slowly and carefully peel the transfer paper of the bag otherwise some parts of the image may get stuck to the paper and ruin your design.

 Now that you have understood after reading this article how tote bags are useful for the environment and most importantly how you can customize your own tote bag in an easy and fun way, I hope you will be putting it to good use. . If you get good at this designing then you can start your own business too and may earn a lot of money. This activity is quite useful and it may help you a lot.

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