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The Best Clothing Color Choices to Match Your Hair Color

There are numerous factors you should consider when picking clothes, including your skin tone and hair color. Keep in mind that wearing the right shades or colors can make you look vibrant and fabulous. So, here is a guide to help you choose the best clothing color choices to match your hair color.


In general, women with blonde hair look great in warm and bright colors. Pastel-colored clothes, like peach, pink, and baby blue, will match perfectly with your tresses. Additionally, you can also wear clothes in neutral colors, such as navy blue, camel, and white.

If you have platinum blonde hair, red-colored clothes will look stunning on you. Women with honey blonde hair, on the other hand, will look fabulous in jewel-toned clothes, like emerald green and turquoise, because of the contrast between the saturated hue and light hair color.


Cool brunettes with a fair complexion can wear clothes with rich colors, such as crimson, black, and dark pink. They will also look gorgeous on pastel-colored clothes, like sky blue and light yellow. For light to medium brunettes with a pale complexion, clothes with softer shades and neutral colors are ideal. As such, the best clothing color choices to match your hair color are lavender, rose pink, powder blue, and softer white.

If you’re a warm brunette, clothes with a shade of olive or moss green will complement your skin’s earthy tone. Softer shades of peach, yellow, and apricot will also look flattering. Orange and red-colored clothes are also great choices.


For redheads, green is your best ally. You can wear any shades of green, from emerald to teal, and you will look stunning. Aside from that, you can also opt for earthy tones, like brown, beige, and camel. Other colors that will complement your hair are white, blue, and purple.

There’s an adage that states redheads should never wear red; however, you can still look fabulous in a red dress. The trick is to find a shade that matches your skin tone and hair color. For example, if you’re warm-toned, clothes with a darker shade of red, like burgundy or burnt red, are good choices.

Gray and Platinum

Today, gray is a trending hair color – whether it comes with age or you’ve decided to dye your hair. If you have gray or platinum strands, the best clothing color choice to match your hair color are navy blue and purple. You can also wear black or white-colored clothes because they provide a great contrast to your hair. Lastly, sapphire blue and ruby are also excellent choice.


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