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How to be a Sexy Bombshell

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Regarding fashion, I find the ultra feminine style of glamour the sexiest. It appeals to both men and women.
This is because the definition of glamour is “a quality of fascination, attractiveness, excitement and adventure.”
Everyone desires this. When it comes to fashion, there is a reason why the 60s and the 90s were two of the sexiest decades. Big sunglasses, tall boots with high heels, chic mini skirts, uniquely-shaped bags, trench coats, and statement jewelry pieces were some of the sexiest elements of these eras that we still love today. These classic pieces will still turn any woman into a bombshell!

The beauty of living in today’s age is the diversity in fashion. We have the ability to pull unique pieces of clothing in order to create our own flattering, sexy style. Above all, classy is sexy. You will automatically be sexy if your fashion sense is sophisticated, glamorous, and classic.

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