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Does Your Man Sound Like a Jerk When Telling You He Doesn’t Like Your Makeup?

Why do some men say they don’t like makeup on women?
Yet, most still want you to look like you stepped out of the glossy pages of a fashion magazine.
They want you to look like a high fashion model, but natural. You might ask yourself, “How is this even possible?” The answer is, “It isn’t.” Men usually don’t understand the time and effort it takes to be a woman. And they don’t understand how much makeup it takes to achieve a “natural” look.


Perhaps men think they want you without makeup because they don’t know what they are talking about? They want the “natural” look, but don’t understand that that also involves mascara, bb cream, translucent powder, lip gloss, lip pencil and blush?


We are puzzled by what would prompt a man to even say this? After all, don’t they want us to look our best? And if we go without makeup, they ask why we don’t look like “ourselves”. Or, they might say, “You look tired, or Something’s
different about you?” What a double-edged sword.


Instead of just saying they don’t like makeup, men should learn the right phrases to properly express that they don’t like too much. After all, whether or not you choose to use cosmetics, your man could say, “Do you know what I love about you? If you wear makeup or not, I still think you look beautiful.”
Tell him this is a good phrase to use. Until then, have you heard these excuses before?


“You look better without it.”
But this is clearly not the point. More often than not, women wear makeup for themselves, not for men. They wear makeup to change their looks for fashion and because they like it.
Whether or not their man approves is not usually a consideration for them wearing mascara and lipstick.


False Advertising.
A man recently said the first date should always include swimming so you see what a woman looks like without makeup. He said, ” I have no idea what she looks like under all of those layers of makeup.” Once again, they want the illusion of natural, but don’t really know what they are talking about.


It’s a tool for ugly women.

Your man may believe makeup is only for women who aren’t inherently attractive.
They need it whereas you don’t. Whether or not to wear makeup should not be a question of necessity, but one of desire.


You look slutty.
Your man may believe that by wearing makeup you are sending a sex indicator to other men regarding your availability.
This archaic way of thinking is similar to them believing a prostitute would wear red lipstick for the same reason.
And by wearing makeup, somehow you are an “easy lay”.

It’s fakery. Why can’t you just be yourself?

This belief falls along the lines of how wearing makeup is somehow insincere and that you are wearing a mask.
By wearing makeup you are “tricking” the world into thinking you are more beautiful than you really are.

You look like Snookie.
I don’t want to kiss a clown.

Many men associate makeup with being too goopy, sticky and gross to kiss. This may be the case with too much makeup, but not always. Today’s cosmetics are lighter than ever and with proper application, there is never an issue with “too much”.

You look the same anyways.
Once again, this is men’s perception on how you look with and without makeup.
They may see you wearing makeup and not realize it.
In fact, you might be wearing a lot, but with proper application, they think you are wearing nothing.

It makes you look older.
If makeup is worn incorrectly, yes, you can look older. But if you have knowledge on application, tools and product, you will only look better.

Now you look like everyone else. It takes away all that is unique in your face.
Makeup applied properly will enhance what is special about you, not make you look like everyone else. You choose your own colors and what is right for you.

That color doesn’t look good on your skin.
This is his opinion and not necessarily yours. Wear what you think is right for your complexion. After all, he thinks you don’t wear anything, so he’s hardly an expert.




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