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How to Add a Healthy Bounce to Your Lifeless Hair

Everyone wants to have soft, shiny, and bouncy hair. Unfortunately, dull and lifeless hair is now common due to various reasons. Still, you can revitalize your tresses by adding body and volume. The good news is that you can achieve this easily. So, here are some tricks to add a healthy bounce to your lifeless hair.

1. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Blowing your hair upside down is an old trick to make your tresses look thicker. Remember, when you do this technique, you’re allowing your roots to lift off your scalp, leading to more volume.

To do this trick, you simply have to dry your hair the normal way until it’s about 80% dry. From there, flip your hair upside down then point the dryer downwards. Once fully dried, you can flip your tresses upright, and spritz some hairspray for a long-lasting effect.

2. Backcomb Your Hair

Backcombing your hair is one of the best tricks to add a healthy bounce to your lifeless hair because its effects can last throughout the day. However, doing this technique the wrong can damage your tresses. As such, you must know the proper steps before trying this trick.

The first step in backcombing is to divide your into three sections – underneath your ear (bottom), below your temples (middle), and the top of your head (top). Afterward, spritz some hairspray at the roots of your hair, starting from the bottom section going to the top. From there, you can pull one section horizontally with your backcomb, then push the section towards the scalp with your comb. From there, you have to repeat the last step up to three times to create volume. Then, repeat the whole process until you’ve backcombed the three sections.

Keep in mind that the top section will look a bit fluffy. You can smoothen the top section by gently combing from the roots to the ends. After backcombing, you can style your hair in various ways, like the hair half up, half down style.

3. Add Curls

If you have thin and lifeless hair, adding curls or waves can add a healthy bounce to your tresses. Remember, beach waves is one of the go-to hairstyles today not only because it looks good. You can also wear it for various occasions, whether it is a casual date or a formal event.

There are various ways to add curls or waves to your hair. The first one is by using a curling iron. With this tool, you can style your hair in a matter of minutes. However, if you’re looking for extra volume, you should use hot rollers. This curling tool is available in various sizes, allowing you to choose whether you want tight or loose curls.

Overall, these are some of the best tricks to add a healthy bounce to your lifeless hair. With these simple methods, your hair will look surely fabulous. Still, you need to be careful when doing these tricks to avoid damaging your strands.


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