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How Often Do You Really Need to Cut Your Hair?

There are women that keep their hair cut on a schedule while others let their hair grow for quite some time before getting a trim. So what’s the right thing to do anyway? Let’s walk you through the general rule of haircuts.

If You Want To Grow Your Hair Out

When it comes to getting haircuts and growing your hair out, it really depends. Some haircuts can go through an awkward phase if you let them grow out on their own. You may need to go in to have things altered as your hair grows. It also depends on your hair type and if you’re looking to keep it a certain length or grow it out.

The rule of thumb is to have a half an inch taken off every 10-12 weeks if you’re looking to maintain the same length.

Keeping the Style You Have

If you want to keep the hairstyle you have, you should have it cut every 6-8 weeks. Some styles may be a bit higher maintenance like a bob with blunt bangs. You may need to have it cut sooner.

Trimming Your Hair for Growth

It used to be believed that your hair would grow faster if you had it trimmed all the time. This isn’t true but what it does is gets rid of split ends as you’re growing it out. Long locks can end up looking ragged if you don’t maintain it. When you get your hair trimmed while growing it long, it may take a bit more time but you’ll have long, healthy hair.

Remember that when strands of your hair get split on the end, they continue to split. It goes all the way up to the point where it’s irreparable. By getting trims, you prevent this from happening. So while a trim isn’t going to promote hair growth, it allows you to have those lovely locks that look great.

How to Know It’s Time for a Trim

If you have a regular stylist you go to, they can let you know how often they think you should come in for haircuts, even if you’re going for the natural look. There are some signs you can look out for as well. If you notice you have split ends, make an appointment earlier. This is going to protect you from permanent hair damage. Some haircuts are going to lose their shape. If you don’t feel confident with how your hair is looking or it’s gone a bit limp, you can go in to have it reshaped or reblended. This is personal for every person and every haircut. Also, if the blow dry your hair a lot, you may find that the ends get quite dry. It may cause your hair to end up like straw if you don’t get in for a trim. When you do a lot of styling, you may fry your hair. Not even an intense conditioning regime is going to fix this. Only a trim can save your hair.

Vitamins for Your Hair

Advertisements may give you false security that eliminating haircuts from your life is possible. Vitamins for hair aren’t going to fix damage that has occurred. When it comes to hair growth, it can have a lot to with how healthy you are. This especially includes your mental well being. By that, we’re referring to stress. Stress can really take it’s toll on your hair growth. Other factors related to your hair include your diet, hormones, and genetics.

Getting good sleep, eating good foods that include vitamins like Iron and Zinc can aid in healthy hair. Also, the health of your liver and thyroid will play a factor in your hair health.

Haircuts will always be necessary to keep hair healthy. Not only that, they allow you to change your look up and frame your face. Getting a trim from 8-12 weeks is suggested depending on what kind of look you’re going for.


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