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10 of the Prettiest Caramel Hair Colors You Need to Try in 2020

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Somewhere between a brunette and blonde, there’s the dreamy caramel hair that blends the best of both worlds. Perfect for even the most indecisive souls, caramel hair offers endless ways for customization. From salted and sunkissed to dark and chocolatey, this hair color will refresh your appearance without having to commit to a high maintenance routine. It’s also the best hair color for transitioning from light to dark hair or vice versa. Need some ideas to jump on the honey-colored plunge? We bring you ten dreamy variations of caramel hair color to get your inspiration going.

Golden Caramel Dye Job

caramel hair
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Photo By @razzohaircare/Instagram

The golden caramel hair is right in between blonde and brown, boosting the dreamiest golden tones. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to give up on being either blonde or brunette.

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