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Why It’s Important to Wear a Bra in Quarantine (And Every Day)

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the same few phrases repeated by many people while attending zoom meetings, searching social media, or even twiddling our thumbs in quarantine. The one that I have heard the most that makes me cringe is, “Well, at least I don’t need to wear a bra,” or “My bras are getting a much-needed break right now.” While, in the end, you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable and happy in your life, I would love to offer my advice and strongly encourage you to keep wearing bras every day!

For years now “experts” have been coming out and saying that bras are not necessary; on the other hands, other “experts” are coming out and saying they are. There is so much controversy and so many contradicting opinions regarding bras (usually from men) that most women simply don’t know who to believe. So, they turn to their own thoughts on the matter and decide based on what makes them comfortable. This usually results in women not wearing bras.

Well, in my experience, those saying you don’t need to wear a bra could not be more wrong. I worked as a bra specialist for seven years, and throughout my experience, not wearing a bra is the worst thing you can do for your breasts. I’ve seen so many horror stories from women who decided not to wear bras during pivotal changes in their lives- whether that be when they were pregnant or breast feeding or going through other bodily changes- and the results were never healthy or pretty. While genetics definitely contributes to the health and perkiness of your breasts, how you treat them is also important.

Bras Are Not Vanity Items. They Do Serve a Purpose.

Many of the women saying they are not wearing a bra in quarantine are basically implying that they only wear bras for other people when they go out- so their nipples don’t show. This implies that they are looking at bras as a vanity item only and not something they should wear for their own health and comfort. But that’s what bras are truly for! They are an item of clothing made for your comfort and preferences- not for anyone else.

Gravity is Real, Don’t Let Them Tell You Otherwise

I’ve read a few studies recently that believe that gravity doesn’t affect breasts and that, instead, if you don’t wear a bra you are strengthening the muscles that help lift your breasts.  Jean-Denis Rouillon who studies sports medicine suggested this in an interview years ago but has yet to provide substantial evidence supporting this claim.

This is silly. Gravity is real. And the truth of the matter is that everyone’s breasts will eventually sag (unless you get procedures to prevent it.) You can feel the weight pushing your breasts down as you don’t wear a bra, and that’s just a fact. You need lift to help counteract this. Will you breasts stop sagging? Absolutely not! But it will slow the natural sagging process. This is especially true in times of bodily stress and changes. The more your breasts are growing, developing, or dealing with new experiences (such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding), the more they need to stay lifted to keep from permanently sagging or developing extreme discomfort.

And I’m not talking about a pushup bra or anything of that nature. A simple demi bra will lift your breasts enough to give you comfort and serve its duty. Especially while you are active during the day, whether that be working out or even just doing regular household activities, the combination of gravity and stress from stretching your muscles and moving them around will stretch out your breast tissue over time. Bras Are NOT just for vanity. They serve a purpose to keep your breasts in place enough to help mildly counteract your breasts stretching with these everyday movements.

As someone who wears a bra at all times and as someone who has picked out bras for people who both do and don’t wear them, all of my experiences have shown me the truth in this.

Wearing a Bra at Night Gives you Lumps?

The idea that wearing a bra at night develops lumps in your breast tissue comes from another study that is not well supported. Again, wearing a bra keeps your breasts in place so there is less stretching of the tissue and discomfort while you are sleeping. Though many women find it more comfortable to not wear a bra while sleeping, and this is fine, too. It’s a choice, of course, but I wear one every night. There are two easy ways to dealing with discomfort while sleeping in a bra that can also help support you and keep you from getting lumps if you believe you will.

(1) Wear a bra that fits you well. Many people hate wearing bras because they are too tight on them. A lot of women feel insecure when they have to switch to a different band size, but it’s important for your comfort that you do if you need to! Many women are frankly just wearing the wrong size and need to be measured. If you wear a well-fitting bra, you are less likely to have these issues.

(2) Never wear a bra with a wire to bed. I sleep in a sports bra or a wireless bra when I go to bed, and I’ve never had an issue with comfort. And I don’t fear developing lumps from this. You will get the lift you need without having to deal with discomfort. In fact, if you have an issue with most bras, try switching to a wireless for your everyday life. It may surprise you the difference in your comfort.

In the end, it all comes down to your comfort level. It’s your life, and if you are happy with your current bra routine, don’t let me tell you how to live. But, I truly feel that if you find the right bra with the perfect fit, it really can improve your life, your breast health, and change your attitude towards wearing bras.


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