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The Babymoon: Know all About the New Vacation Trend

There are hundreds of traveling packages that can meet all your needs, regardless of destination. But it is almost impossible to find something when it comes for two and a half travelers, or a pregnant woman with her partner. That’s why there’s a new trend called “Babymoon” that is all the rage, in which you take a last vacation before the arrival of your little one.

The whole concept of a babymoon is to celebrate becoming parents and to take the opportunity to relax before the birth. It is also a time to be alone as a couple, because you’ll soon become a trio.

Right now there are hotels and resorts that offer exclusive packages for parents expecting a baby. But before you choose the best babymoon destination, remember to always talk with your doctor about whether it’s safe for you to travel and any other necessary safety precautions. The most appropriate time to go abroad is the second trimester, when morning sickness is usually less frequent and your bump is still not too heavy.

In addition, it is best not to choose a destination that requires a special vaccination, which in many cases could be contraindicated. Additionally, make sure you choose a destination that has great health coverage and won’t require you to be on a flight for too many hours.

Now that you know the basic recommendations, it’s time to know about the best destinations for an unforgettable Babymoon:

Copenhagen: Here’s a cozy, affordable city where you can get a chance to enjoy of all kinds of cultural activities and urban walks.

Ibiza: This island is an idyllic destination thanks to its turquoise waters beaches. If you prefer a vacation by the sea, this is one place to keep your eye on.

Chester, northwest England: This one is ideal for the lovers of nature and history. There are accommodations on the outskirts of the city, in 17th century buildings with luxuries of the 21st century: indoor pools and excellent restaurants.

Lisbon: The magical Portuguese capital is another essential destination for the babymoon. This bucket list city borders the ocean, allowing for multiple kinds of activities in an urban or natural lanscape.

Paris: Of course the city of light and love is on this list. The romantic, unique and delicate French capital has everything — art, food, scenery — that makes it the perfect choice for the expecting couple.

Santorini: Get to enjoy the magic of the sunset in Oia, and experience the iconic blue and white buildings that attract millions of visitors each year.

The Babymoon is an experience that is definitely worth undertaking as a couple, so don’t miss your chance before the baby arrives!


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