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How Keracell Uses Stem Cell Technology to Boost Hair Growth For Men and Women

By Ekin Ozlen

Hair loss is a more common issue than people can possibly imagine. In the United States, hair loss affects more than 80 million people — yes, people — with women making up roughly 40% of current individuals struggling with hair loss. However, due to industry-set beauty standards, it is an incredibly complex, taboo and even shameful topic to discuss publicly. 

Moreover, having lushious, thick hair is considered to be an essential part of life for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Our hair acts as our safety net and sometimes contributes directly to our self-esteem or level of confidence. Despite the abundance of products currently available within the beauty industry marketplace, it’s easy to buy products that are packed with harmful chemicals, sulfates and additives that actually prevent or stunt hair growth. 

As a performer and former model I know firsthand how essential it is to have healthy hair in order to look and feel beautiful. After my stepmother, a cosmetic chemist, began to experience health issues that impacted the quality of her hair growth cycle, I could no longer ignore my desire to create change within the beauty industry. It was that pivotal moment that led me to work alongside my stepmother to develop a new way to promote healthy hair and skincare. Thus, Keracell was born. 

Years of research and developmental studies later, Keracell has expanded to include a variety of ethically-sourced skincare products catering to facial, body and hair care products. After working with two biomedical scientists, with expertise in stem cell research as well as cancer molecular biology, Keracell has been able to harness the revolutionary power of human stem cell technology and apply it to the Keracell 5 Pack Hair System. 

The Keracell 5 Pack Hair System includes a hair strengthening spray, a stimulating scalp spot treatment, a hair and scalp revitalizing spray, an invigorating shampoo and fortifying conditioner — all formulated with human stem cell extract. 

Human stem cell extract has been proven to be successful in treating hair loss as a result of hormonal imbalance, chemotherapy, alopecia, as well as stress or aging factors. Our skin cells are currently loaded with long-lived stem cells that work to continue to promote the growth of thick, healthy hair follicles. 

While these cells go through periods of inactivity, they do reactivate to produce a new cycle of hair growth every so-often. However, outside factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress or aging effects can actually prevent these cells from activating. This is ultimately what leads to hair loss. 

The 5 Pack System is designed to cleanse and nourish the scalp and hair by using stem cell extracts to regenerate the skin cell turnover on the user’s scalp and hair follicles, while also providing the optimal conditions needed for future hair follicle growth. Additionally, the human stem cell technology, tested for biomimetic peptides within in-vitro and ex-vitro clinical trials, helps prevent and stop hair loss by increasing the Anagen and Telogen ratio found in hair follicles. 

Each Keracell product included in the 5 Pack System has been designed and manufactured to promote active hair growth. The color-safe and sulfate free Invigorating Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner treatments, formulated with a combination of peptides, essential oils and proteins, compliment each other to promote shinier, stronger, and more efficient hair growth for all hair types. 

The Keracell Hair Strengthening Spray uses a variety of B5 pro-vitamins, botanical extracts and amino acids to strengthen and protect thin hair follicles in between washes, or after using the Keracell shampoo and conditioning treatments. On the other hand, the Hair and Scalp Revitalizing Spray is specifically designed to nourish the sensitive skin cells found on the scalp’s surface, reduce first signs of inflammation and gradually modulate DHT production to produce a healthy foundation of hair growth for both men and women. 

Finally, the Stimulating Scalp Spot Treatment is designed to specifically target hair loss, scalp damage, and follicle regeneration by regenerating both the skin cells found on the scalp and stimulating unresponsive hair follicles out of their dormant phase. The combination of proteins, peptides and anti-hair loss ingredients then work to reduce inflammation and block DHT to ultimately reduce hormone-induced hair loss. 

Compared to other hair growth systems, the Keracell 5 Pack Hair System is unique because rather than merely preventing the issue of hair loss, the stem cell extract-based formula works to provide extra nourishment to the hair follicles through antioxidants. When deposited to the hair follicles, these antioxidants begin to work to prevent additional free radical damage to the sensitive skin cells found on the scalp. 

Hair growth plays a key role in our identities and the way we view ourselves. Each year, thousands of people look for radical solutions to halt or reverse hair loss. The Keracell 5 Step Solution uses technology to target specific areas of hair loss, while creating a healthy and strong foundation for new stimulated hair follicles to grow. When used consistently, the 5 Pack Hair System will gradually increase the size of the hair follicles, density and will result in an increase in hair growth as well as a boost in hair vitality overall. 

For more information on the Keracell 5 Pack System or Keracell’s wide variety of hair, face and body care products, visit

Ekin Ozlen is the CEO of Keracell® which utilizes Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell Technology (MHCsc)™ Technology developed by two Ph.D biomedical scientists with expertise in stem cell research and cancer molecular biology. Clinical strength formulas are based on years of research and formulation expertise.

This article is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Information in this article is not a substitute for medical or dermatological advice.

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