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Here is How to Nail The Celeb-Approved Fox Eye Makeup Trend for a Seductive Gaze

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Nothing can beat the classic cat eyeliner? It seems that after a long time, this classy look finally got some competition. The fox eye makeup trend favored by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez has taken the beauty world by storm. Inspired by the beautiful, upturned eyes of the animal it’s named after, this eyeliner style creates a sexy, elongated look. With merely a bit of liner and proper lash work, you can give yourself a foxy gaze. Keep reading if you’re interested to learn how to recreate this celeb-approved glam on yourself.

fox eye makeup trend
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Photo By @sellmakasumoviq/Instagram

To achieve the fox eye aesthetic you need only black eyeliner and nude or white eye pencil. If you are not very confident with eyeliner, keep a few Q-tips and micellar water around just in case you need to fix your flicks.

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