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Yes, Natural Products Can Hurt Your Skin. Here’s How to Do Plant-Based Skincare Right

It’s getting a little hard to stick to anything these days. One day, people are telling us this new revolutionary skincare ingredient is amazing for us, and the next they’re saying it can cause cancer. People go back and forth and change their opinions day in and day out. However, we’ve always said that at least we can trust nature to stick to its word. It has always been around after all. That is why natural plant-based skincare has grown more and more popular and trustworthy over the past few years. Well, now they’ve come for us.

So, Plant-Based Is Bad?

Let’s be clear from the get-go. We aren’t saying that all natural and plant-based skincare is going to hurt your skin and cause damage. It’s simple really, all we’re asking is that you don’t treat natural skincare as a fail-safe.

Yes, natural is amazing for you. But, that doesn’t mean that it all works the same. Just like with most things, the good comes with the bad.

How Do I Know What’s Bad or Good?!

Unfortunately, there’s no uniform answer to that. Just think of natural plant-based skincare like any other form of skincare product. Some things are going to work for you and help your skin insanely. But some things might clash with your skin and cause more harm than good.

Allergies are allergies. If your skin breaks out in response to certain ingredients, that isn’t going to go away when switching to plant-based skincare! Too many people falsely assume that and then drop all natural skincare once something reacts badly.

Natural plant-based skincare is definitely revolutionary. Natural products can give your skin amazing results without exposing it to unknown ingredients and harmful ones such as alcohol which is commonly found in store bought skincare.

Balance is Key

The right way to do plant-based skincare is to start. Start the transition. It’s all about trial and error as with most skincare. You have to test products out to figure out what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

Plant-based skincare is all natural which means you can avoid a ton of toxins and harmful ingredients. But what it doesn’t avoid is when some natural ingredients clash with your skin. The right way to do plant-based skincare is to tread carefully, as you should with all skincare. Do test patches on your skin before committing to a product. Or perhaps even go so far as to take an allergies test to know beforehand what your skin may react to!


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