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The Best Celebrity Makeup Looks Of 2019

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We had such an adventurous year when it comes to makeup! The red carpet and other A-list events were full off creative, daring makeup looks that made our jaws drop. Celebrities are departing from the classic smokey eyes and red lipstick in favor of bolder and more colorful looks. And we are so here for it! While we love a neutral, classy glam, we appreciate the insanely creative makeup moments that have been happening lately. Keep scrolling to discover the best celebrity makeup looks of 2019 that you’d want to recreate in the following year.

Cardi B’s Colorful Makeup Look

the best celebrity makeup looks of 2019
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Photo By @erika_lapearl_mua/Instagram

Cardi B can teach a masterclass on how to wear colorful makeup -the sexy way. Her go-to makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl creates the most daring makeup looks on her celebrity client. Our winner of 2019 is this matte blue eyeshadow look topped with purple eyeliner.

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