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Help Support this Sustainable, Vegan Luxury Hotel

PlantLife Hotel

A husband, wife, and their foster family are pushing to make their biggest dream a reality. What is that, you ask? PlantLife Hotel is a luxury hotel that is every vegan and compassionate person’s dream. What makes it so unique?

PlantLife is designed to be the world’s first vegan, solar-powered, and zero-waste luxury hotel. Plus, it will be sustainable and eco-friendly, and it is planned to serve as an animal rescue. You heard right, it will be an animal sanctuary.

The owners plan to rescue animals from the local shelters, adopt them, and allow them to roam the lands and enjoy the comforts of the resort. This allows you to have the experience of an authentic luxury resort with the added value of getting to play with many new furry friends.

All of the materials planned in this resort are vegan, eco-friendly and organic, comprised of bamboo, soybean, and hemp fabrics. Pineapple and leaf leathers will cover chairs, sofas, beds and floors.

With plans to locate the hotel on the west side of Thailand’s vegan paradise island of Koh Phangan, we can’t see any reason why this hotel won’t be a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list. PlantLife will be located near the village of Srithanu and the Koh Phangan’s main pier surrounded by national parks, palms, mountains, and lush greenery. It will be a true getaway.


The below features will be a reality at PlantLife, making it truly one-of-a-kind:

  • Solar Power
  • All Plant-Based Food
  • A Closed Loop Well Water Supply
  • Fruit & Plant Based Organic Fabrics with no chemicals
  • Zero waste disposal
  • BioGas Organic Waste Disposal
  • Natural & Vegan Cleaning Products
  • Bionized Swimming Pool Instead of Chlorinated.

It’s safe to say that you won’t really leave a footprint when you stay here, and that’s just the forward-thinking we need to change the world!

Their Story

PlantLife began with a husband, wife, and their foster family. They traveled the globe seeing the beauty of the world, but each location they stayed out compromised their values in one way or another. They realized how far the world has to go to become truly ethical and compassionate. They wanted to happily give their money to the right resort, but there was no right resort that showcased their values. So they decided to create their own.

How You Can Help

PlantLife Hotel hasn’t been built yet! But you can help! How would you like to make history and donate just a bit to this original cause? PlantLife has launched the biggest crowd-funding campaign for a hotel yet, and they need thousands of backers to make this dream come to life. So, if you are as excited as we are to see this vegan, compassionate resort arise, be sure to share it around and donate if you can. Or you can become a PlantLife member and reap in the amazing benefits. You might just get a free stay at this beautiful location.


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