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Interview with Owner of Lions, Tigers & Bears, an Exotic Animal Rescue Organization

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Saving the lives of exotic animals, Lions Tigers & Bears is a federally and state licensed non-profit rescue facility dedicated to providing a safe haven for unwanted and abused big cats and other exotic animals. They are one of the very few accredited big cat sanctuaries in the U.S.

Their Moto is a NO KILL, NO BREED, NO SELL rescue, an educational facility that allow the animals in their care the opportunity to live out their lives with dignity in a caring and safe environment.

Did you know, that in many areas of the United States, there are countless unwanted, abused, and abandoned big cats in captivity? In fact, the number of animals bred and born in captivity is greater than that in the wild! In most cases, cats born in captivity must endure horrific neglect and abuse due to the immense responsibility in their upkeep.

In many states big cats – most commonly lions, tigers, cougars, and bobcats – are acquired by roadside zoos and then eventually become surplus animals for the entertainment industry. Most are purchased as pets when they are young, or sold and bred for profit.

Sadly the exotic animal trade is a 17 billion dollar a year industry, it is an industry so large it is second only to illegal arms and drugs.

Lions Tigers & Bears primary concern is the health and comfort of their animals and the safety of those who share these precious natural resources. They work hard to protect and provide these animals with a lifetime home, realizing that environment, exercise, and personal attention are key to their well-being.

Whether you’re a local San Diegan or beloved supporter from afar, you can stay at the White Oak Wild Nights Retreat on property and have your very own private jungle experience with the family. Oak’s two-bedroom mountain retreat is nestled right in the heart of Lions, Tigers & Bears’ sanctuary. Enjoy a getaway like no other with the sights and sounds of the majestic animals. Visit for more info.

Today in an exclusive interview “Living Large” is going to take you on a private tour of this amazing ranch.

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