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Great DIY Ideas to Transform your T-Shirts

Renewing your old shirts can be an easier task than you think!

Among the basics items that cannot be missing in your closet are t-shirts. However, over time they tend to lose their color, stretch and even go out of style. Therefore, if you want to renew your shirts, you can choose between any of these creative ideas. What things are you going to need? Scissors and, perhaps, a needle and thread.

After only a few minutes you will have unique designs that will also fit your personality. We present below three simple tutorials.

Ideas to renew your shirts:

  1. T-shirts with a Choker

T-shirts that look torn or stained with bleach are part of a very popular trend nowadays. One of the trends that people have taken advantage of the most is t-shirts with a choker, which are very simple to make.

You would only need an old shirt with the design of your preference. You place it on a flat surface and measure how deep you want the neckline; then you mark it with a pin or chalk. Later, flip the shirt and hold it with pins on the sides so it does not move when you cut it. Then, you start cutting the neck below the seam so that it looks like a choker, and try to reach the shoulders. Next, cut the V-shaped neckline, and that’s it!

  1. T-shirt with Triangular Back

This style is much simpler to do, you just have to place the shirt on a flat surface and draw a triangle on the back using chalk. Later, try very carefully to trim the fabric and you already have a pretty original t-shirt that’s perfect for summer. You can also change the design for a heart, which will make you look very sexy.

  1. T-shirt with Skull

Another way to renew your old shirts is to give it a rock-star twist. For this, you have to place the shirt on a flat surface. With the help of chalk, draw the skull on the back and try to make each of the pieces a little far away so that you can visualize it better and avoid tearing the fabric apart.

Next, start to cut each one of the marked silhouettes very carefully. You can get this same look with different designs such as butterflies, which are totally on trend right now.


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