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8 Ways to Rock the Classic White Shirt

The classic white shirt is a piece that cannot go missing from your wardrobe. It’s also one of the easiest pieces to combine. The white shirt was used for the first time in the 1500 BC as an undergarment. Today it is one of the key pieces that should be in your closet because it never fails, especially when you’re in a hurry. Find below new ideas to mix and match your white shirts so you can keep using them and trying different styles while maintaining the elegance and class of this item.

1. Follow CH’s Lead

A white shirt is, probably, the fetish garment of famed designer Carolina Herrera. Nobody like her gets so much out of a white shirt. If you are looking for a night look, why not try mixing a white shirt with a silky long skirt. And if you need any inspiration about the colors, just take a look at CH’s final show, where she ended it by paying homage to this forever inspiring item.

2. Go for XL Sleeves

If you wear XL sleeves this will work in your favor since it’ll make your body look like an inverted triangle (wide back, narrow hips), adding volume in the lower part.

3. Make Your Collar Pop

There’s a way to give a pop of color and personality to the classic white shirt, all you have to do is pick one with embroidery on the collar or go for a statement accessory (broche, necklace) that will stand out among the whiteness of the shirt.

4. Tuck your Shirt in the Right Way

Take the central part inside. This will focus the attention on the waist, creating an hourglass appearance.

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5. Half Tuck Look

Get on the the half-tuck trend by tucking one side of your shirt or blouse inside your pants, shorts or skirt.

6. Bottom up

A bottom-up shirt, right up to the neck, adds volume to your chest. This is perfect for women with a smaller chest.

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7. Bardot Style

Put on your Bardot-style shirt (the neckline is named for the actress Brigitte Bardot), leaving the shoulders exposed, to draw attention to this area.

8. A Perfect Match

If you mix your white shirt with a great pair of jeans, nothing can go wrong. Add camel or nude sandals that will have the effect of elongating your figure.

9. Go Monochrome

Spring is almost here so monochromatic looks with the shirt as the protagonist are a pretty great look for the season. Get inspired with a romantic version with a relaxed blouse and embroidered midi skirt.

10. B & W

A style that works wonders: black & white looks with capri pants, blazers and an immaculate white shirt. Get inspired by this look.


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